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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Camp with Kids and the Nuby Flip-It Easy Grip

**While this post is also chock full of tips for bringing kids to camp, it is sponsored by Nuby and contains links to their products and media outlets. The product being reviewed was provided to me by Nuby free of cost. 
All opinions are 100% my own and I do not review products that I don't believe in or use myself.**

No, not camping with with kids. As in, summer camp. You know, canoeing, arts and crafts, bug juice - the whole nine yards. Every summer for the past several years, Jeff and I have volunteered at the summer camp he spent time at as a teen. It is a very special place to us both and we love being able to go back there each year. Plus, we don't suck at summer camp as much as we suck at camping.

A few weeks ago, we spent a weekend at camp to help with the Counselors-in-Training group and to test how how the kids would do at camp. It actually went really well! The CIT weekend is much different from a regular week at camp - its all us, all the time training and doing activities. If we can do that with the kids in tow, a real week of camp where there are structured activities, pool time, etc. that we aren't running will be a breeze! In theory!

With camp coming up soon, I've started putting together a list of what we'll need to bring with us to survive the week. All I can say is, I'm glad we have a van...

Clothes, clothes, and extra clothes
In addition to summery outfits, don't forget long pants and shirts for camp fires and a rain coat for those random summer storms. Also, bringing both sneakers and sandals give you options for different activities and incase a pair gets wet/dirty. We plan to pack clothes in quart size zip top bags like we did for our Disney trip - it made things so much easier.

I'm still on the fence about buying Charlie a sleeping bag, but regardless, we all need to bring bedding of some sort and towels for bathing. We'll be bringing the Pack and Play for Ginny and a bed rail for Charlie to sleep in a bunk.

Pool/River Gear
Bathing suits, rash guards, hats, water shoes, sunglasses, Puddle Jumper, pool toys, towels, swim diapers, and don't forget the bug spray and sunblock! The Environmental Working Group has a great list of safe and effective bug spray and sunblock products for kids.

Meds and Toiletries
We bring a mini version of our medicine tackle box when we travel, especially with how sick these kids get. For camp, we also include bug bite stick, tweezers for ticks, extra bandaids, and aloe.

Other Helpful Things
Bringing fun outside toys like chalk, bubbles, a kite, butterfly net, etc. are awesome, but don't forget some inside toys and books for rainy days. We're also bringing a pop up hamper to contain the ridiculous amount of laundry we'll be making and our fold up Easy Go Wagon to help transport the kids around camp with their stuff for the day's activities.

Summer Essentials
Sunblock is the #1 summer essential, but staying hydrated is a close second. We try to keep filled water bottles available to the kids all summer, but especially while outside. We got the chance to try out the Nuby Flip-It Easy Grip cup and Charlie loves it!

Aside from coming in cool color combinations, it was easy for him to open and close, but not to unscrew and pour all over the place. The draw makes it easy to drink from and flips out of the way when not in use so it doesn't get dirty; very important at camp.

My favorite part is that the opening of the bottle was wide enough to put full size ice cubes in; perfect for the hot summer weather! As a bonus, we were able to put a carabiner on the loop on the top to hook to the wagon so it never got lost. I seriously love this cup.

Though I'm not super jazzed about packing it all, we're really excited to be heading back to camp this summer. Its such a fun place and we really enjoy spending time there with the campers. I can't wait!

You can pick up the Nuby Flip-It Easy Grip from Buy Baby Direct, Diapers.comAmazon, WalMart, TJ Maxx, DD's Discounts, and Baby Depot at Burlington.

Check out Nuby's social media sites for coupons and info about their other awesome products!

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