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Friday, June 27, 2014

Fitness Friday: Running, Running, Running

About two weeks into half marathon training and I've begun to make some interesting observations...
  1. I hate running in the summer. Holy crap, do I hate it. I am not a warm weather person to begin with and not only do I burst into flames without sunscreen on, but the heat slows me down so much it's painful. 
  2. When I wear running skirts, I get dirty looks from old people as if there is nothing on underneath it. 
  3. I love, love, love my new shoes and my feet don't hurt at all!
  4. Charlie is a terrible cheerleader when we go for runs. "Mommy, you're slow. Run faster like Daddy! Slow for Ginny, fast for Charlie please!" At least he's polite, right?
  5. I'd rather push a 60 lb. loaded jogging stroller than carry my own water bottle. 
  6. I really need to get over my running boredom and anxiety. Yes, I could be doing something else while I'm running, but I'm not - I'm running. Stop flippin worrying about it. 
  7. I'm seriously behind on half training. I ran 3 miles last Sunday thinking that was the day's plan when it turned out to be 4 miles. I think 4 miles might have killed me. :-/ Regardless, I'm running 4 miles this Sunday, so hold onto your hats kids. 
  8. I need to drink significantly more water throughout the day. I get a huge headache after I run outside, despite drinking before, during, and after my run. 
  9. I need to remember sunscreen (see #1) and sunglasses. I think I may invest in some prescription sunglasses because I loathe wearing contacts. Hmm....
So far, I've run about 7 miles this week and while they weren't fast miles, I ran 'em, damn it. I'm surprised that I'm actually enjoying running with the jogging stroller since I hated it when I tried in the winter. I'm hoping it'll help me train since the extra weight won't be there when I race in September. 

This coming week, I need to run 4 miles on Sunday, then 30 minutes Tuesday and Thursday. Here's to another week!

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