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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Housewarming Gifts with Treat Greeting Cards

A few weeks ago, I talked about my experience with Treat Greeting Cards, Father's Day, and just how easy it made everything. When I decided to put together a housewarming gift for good friends of ours, Treat came to the rescue yet again!

Using the hand painted canvas tutorial I posted recently, I designed a 12" x 12" image in Photoshop to transfer to a blank canvas using the old pencil tracing, rub transfer, painting trick.

A much simpler design than the signs I made for my friends' wedding, this canvas was a clean monogram style image in Baltimore Raven's colors - their favorite.

Instead of painting everything, I wondered if black permanent marker would work alright and boy, am I glad I tried it. It turned out perfectly and took literally 1/4 of the time. This canvas, from design to wrapping, took about 2 hours.

Paired with a bottle of wine and a beautiful card from Treat Greeting Cards and its perfect. Need other ideas for a housewarming gift? Add in some personalized address labels, stationary, a candle or two, or a nice picture frame. Bundled up in a nice gift bag or basket and you're gonna make someone's day.

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