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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Restocking the Baby Tackle Box

***Before I get started with this post, I wanted to make sure to state that I am not a doctor. Just the Mom with a kid who's gotten sick a lot and the daughter/niece of two very wise nurses. Always check with your doctor before giving your child medication.***

One of my most popular posts, both here and on Pinterest, is the baby tackle box. Who knew that my desperate attempt to organize the sick child midnight madness would turn into such a hit!

I was sad to see that pretty much everything we had left over from C was expired, but then I realized it *had* been at least 18 months since we'd used any of it. The tackle box had transitioned from gripe water and teething gel to Boogie Wipes and band aids. Oh, how he's growing up! Now with #2 on the way, its time for a bit of reorganizing and restocking.

Here is my list of must have's for your 0-12 month tackle box...

  • Infant acetaminophen/Tylenol
  • Infant ibuprofen/Advil (for 6 months and up)  
  • Rectal thermometer and probe covers  
  • Gentle Naturals Teething Drops
Once your little one hits 6 months, its very handy to have acetaminophen and ibuprofen in your arsenal as they can be given on a rotating basis to keep high fevers at bay. **Always check with your doctor for dosing instructions!**

As for the thermometer, there are lots and lots of fancy no touch thermometers out there, but we rely on a good ol' fashioned rectal therm for the most accurate reading. Especially with tiny ones, a few tenths of a degree can be the difference between Tylenol and the ER, so why not use the most accurate way you can? Scared of hurting baby? There are lots of safety rectal therms on the market that prevent inserting too far.

It may be gross, but we LOVE the Nosefrida snot sucker. Look it up, but don't judge us until you try it. Boogie Wipes are also one of our favorite products. These super soft, saline infused wipes clean up the crustiest, sore noses in one quick swipe with far fewer tears.

Tummy/Tushy Troubles
Gas drops and gripe water come in various brands and they all work equally well. Some babies do better with them than others, but C responded relatively well to them. Pedialyte is always handy to have in the case of vomiting or diarrhea that won't let up. Dehydration comes on quickly with little ones and is easy to avoid if cared for quickly.

Now, bear with me - Triple Paste is crazy expensive for something that goes on your butt, but it is literally magic. The absolute worst diaper rash can be cleared up over night with a quick slathering. Just buy yourself a tub when your kid is born and it'll last until potty training.

With all the rest of the chemicals out there, I try to be very careful what I put on my kid's skin. These two products are some of my favorites. Healin' Groovy is basically Aquaphor without the petrolatum, BPA, and other not so great stuff. As for sunblock, read the labels! Sunscreen is different than sunblock and not all sunblock is created equal. Each year, the Environmental Working Group puts out a report called "Skin Deep" that ranks that year's sun products for hazardous chemicals. You will be shocked at how hazardous some "baby" sun products are. Shocked.

Much of what is in the 0-12 months tackle box is also in our toddler tackle box with a few additions...
  • Floristor Probiotics (to avoid antibiotic induced diarrhea)
  • Children's ibuprophen/Advil
  • Children's acetaminophen/Tylenol
  • Droppers and spoons (who knows what he'll accept that day)
  • Little Remedies Honey Elixir cough syrup
  • Sore throat pops
  • Neosporin and character band-aids
  • Tweezers (for splinters and what not)
  • Red wash cloths
Why red wash clothes, you ask? Because my Mom was a certified genius. What freaks someone out more than anything? Seeing their own blood when they get hurt. Red wash cloth = can't see the blood. Invest in a few, you'll thank my Mom. 

Some general tips...
  • There is NO cough/cold medication out there safe for infants and young children. Basically, all you can do is suck the snot, turn up the humidifier, and keep them comfortable.
  • Honey is a great cough soother, but only for kids over 12 months of age. 
  • The concentration of medication can be different depending on the brand (i.e. Triaminic vs. Tylenol vs. store brand). Each comes with its own dropper; use it.
  • Baby Vicks/chest rub is very different than regular Vicks and yes it does matter. 
  • Put one parent in charge of medicating and write down dosing times to avoid over dosing and confusion.
Finally, the most important thing about medication and kids (of any age) is to be sure of the dosage and ask your doctor if you have ANY doubts or questions. I'm not a huge fan of giving meds, but having a kid who likes to spike 105 fevers at 3am has taught me to be prepared for the worst.


  1. This is such a great list. Thank you. I never thought of having it all organized in a tackle box. Perfect!

  2. We are taking our first real vacation since baby 2 was born. The kids will be 4 years and 12 months. I'm definitely packing a tackle box to be prepared while we're away from home. Thank you.

  3. Great tips! I wish I would have known about the red washcloth, your mom is a Genius!!

  4. This is a great idea! I'll be making one but larger as we have a new baby on the the way and 6 more kids 13 on down. I can't believe I have never thought of using a tackle box. Everything will be right where we need it when we need it.

  5. This info and list is awesome. Good job and thank you!

  6. Great idea! My little one was sick last week and I was searching all over the house for the various supplies.

  7. Fever suppositories are great to when the can't seem to keep anything down.

  8. Vicks baby rub works great on the soles of feet (bigger pores) for a cough. Or even a few drops of eucalyptus oil in a carrier oil (olive, coconut, whatever,) if ya wanna avoid the petroleum. It's like magic!

    Thanks for the red washcloth reminder. I'd forgotten that one. :)

  9. Where did you get the tackle box?

    1. This box was actually given to us as a random, "hey, we don't use this - could you use it for something?" but I've seen them on Amazon or at stores like WalMart or Target.

  10. My Mum did something similar, but on an adult scale, when I got married. She used a file box and decorated it with "Mum's Box of Things You'll Need, But Won't Want to Go Get". She filled it with all sorts of things, Tylenol, hot water bottle, heating pad, ice bags, assorted Band-Aids, Pepto Bismol, aspirin, cough syrup, a box of tissues, nose spray, and I forget what else (it's been 20 years). The cool thing was she started buying things a few at a time, so it didn't make a big dent in her weekly budget.

  11. I just had my 3rd child in September and boy would I have loved this w/my previous 2. Already told the hubby I was making one this weekend.

    Quick question...which humidifier do you recommend?

  12. Great idea i will be making one for friends firs child

  13. I have done something similar for years! WhatiI like to give to new moms as "the things you don't want to run out to the pharmacy @3am gift set" I love your tackle box idea, its awesome! Maybe my next gift will have a storage box like that. Kudos!!!

  14. Great list/idea! I am using Amazon to put a box together for my friend who is expecting her first baby in a couple months. I'm guessing this is one of those things new moms wouldn't think to put together, or have ready for those dreadful moments when your baby gets sick. Thank you for sharing!

  15. What a cool idea. You could use this also for a 1st aid supply kit too.

  16. We have been taking our own first actual vacation because baby two was born. The children will be four years as well as 12 months. I am definitely packaging a deal with box to become prepared whilst we're overseas. Thank you.

  17. I was able to do a search on Amazon, and found this exact brand of box. Search for: Creative Options 2 tray craft box. Thanks again for the great ideas. Now, I need to go by a couple of red wash clothes.

  18. I created one of these for my son when he went to college. He (and his friends) LOVED it and used the stuff often. I included adult cold medicines, thermometer, aspirin, tylenol and aleve, antacids, the instant ice packs and heating pads, a sewing kit, bandaids, travel size of the basic toiletries and laundry soap, throat lozenges, vicks, tweezers, etc. They all referred to it as the MOM box because it was the stuff they would have gone to their moms for!