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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Officially in Uncharted Territory

Yesterday marked the gestational age that I had Charlie; 34 weeks, 5 days. Despite my neurotic worrying over the past few weeks, the day came and went like nothing. ::whew::

I thought that once this time marker passed, I would find a whole new state of relaxation where I could enjoy the rest of my pregnancy, but for some reason I find myself more anxious than ever. When will she come? Tomorrow? Two weeks from now? A week late?

I have realized two things: 1) No one knows when their baby is coming, so this is very normal and 2) Worrying could easily be a moot point and she could be late. I have two 17P shots left (one tomorrow, one next Monday), but with the increasing number of Braxton Hicks I've been getting as I wait for the next shot, I'm nervous what will happen after my last one next week. Could I really have a baby in two weeks once the shot wears off? Holy crap, someone hold me. The house is ready for a baby, but are we?

So, here we go. Bring on the late 3rd trimester weight gain, the waddling, the lightning crotch, the leaky boobs, super swelling, and all the other fun stuff I skipped out on last time. I'll happily take it all in return for one healthy, full term baby.

14 days until full term, 35 days until her due date!

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