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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Father's Day with Toddlers

On Monday afternoon, I picked up the kids from daycare and with them came two little wrapped gifts that read "#1 Daddy!" and "Happy Father's Day!" Oh dude, that's right....Father's Day is Sunday!

It's not that I forgot, really. It just snuck up on most of the last several holidays have. If you're like me, you had great intentions, but ended up shorter on time than you'd like. What to do....what to do. Even with toddlers, there are a LOT of simple crafts and projects you can do to celebrate Dad and all he does. These are some of my favorite and since I've banned politely requested that Jeff not read my blog this week, I can share with you early! 

This year for Father's Day, the kids and I did a craft, an interview about Daddy, and picked out the perfect card from Treat Greeting Cards. Before we get into the crafty stuff, have you checked out Treat yet? Because you really should. 

Have you ever done this? You go to the store with the intention of buying a card (usually last minute) and stand there picking up card after card after card only to realize they're either not the right sentiment or cost an arm and a leg? I end up with this glazed over look.......

Treat makes it easy to choose, personalize, and even send beautiful cards right from their site for no more (and often much less) than you'd pay at a store. They'll even send you reminders of important card worthy dates to keep you from running out of time! Over my lunch break, I picked out and personalized a birthday card, Father's Day card, and a housewarming card. BOOM. "Running" errands 2.0, right there. 

Charlie helped me pick out this awesome card for Jeff. The drag and drop made it super easy to customize, even with a toddler co-piloting the process.

Awesome card: check. Now onto the obligatory adorable toddler-esque craft. I've seen this done on Pinterest quite a bit and really love the idea. Its simple, yet a great keepsake. 

You'll need some paints, brushes, a canvas, and letter stickers. 

I found pre-painted canvases, but you can use white ones or paint them any color you'd like. Next add stickers to spell out the message you'd like on the canvas. I cut the heart out of a white Avery mailing label because I didn't have any heart stickers. Gotta improvise sometimes!

Now, the fun part! Painting! Let go of your OCD parental craziness and let them go to town. Ginny even got in on the painting and only tried to eat it twice!

After the canvas is covered, remove the stickers carefully. A word of caution!! If the paint is globbed on too thick or left to sit too long, the stickers will get wet and become difficult to get off. The faster you go through the whole process, the better. I had a back up canvas ready for Charlie so I could swap this one out when it was done, but he was "done." 

This was so much fun to do, I almost wish we did it as a family with Jeff. If I could do it again, I'd involve him despite it being a gift for him. 

With mystery gifts from daycare, these beautiful canvases, and his personalized card from Treat, we're ready for Father's Day! Need more ideas? Check out my _________ Day Projects for Kids. It has Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparent's Day, etc. covered! 

Happy crafting!

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