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Friday, June 20, 2014

Fitness Friday: When Does This Get Easier?

Though I've been running on and off since about November, I started actually training this week for my first half marathon this fall with the sparkliest runner I know, Sarah. According to my 4 month plan, however, I'm already behind. ::sigh:: I'm using the Jeff Galloway training plan for its simplicity and low time commitment. I'm not running to break any world records; I'm running to finish. That being said...

The thing that I rationally understand, yet irrationally hate is that I've got the right shoes, I drink water, I stretch...why does running still hurt so damn much?! Like I said, rationally, I realize its going to hurt - I'm pushing my body to do something it doesn't normally do. Irrationally, however? I think I can find some certain combination of products and techniques to just magically make it easy. 

Hilarious, right? 

I was a lucky birthday girl and got a new pair of running shoes and while they're not magic, they certainly help make things feel better when I run. My old shoes had about 18 months of use on them and a lot of wear. These new ones are absolutely wonderful.

::cue choir of angels::

Brooks Ravenna 5
On Wednesday night, I started my training with a 30 minute run. It was 85* and goodness knows how much humidity. It was absolutely gross outside and despite hating heat and hating to sweat, I ran. I ran slower than I ever did in the winter and I hurt like hell the next day, but I ran and that's enough for me. 

I still have a long, long way to go before I'm running a half marathon and I'm still hoping to run a few more 5Ks before the Diva's half marathon in September (and another in October). Honestly, I don't see it happening. Right now, I can't imagine running that far, but then again, I could never imagine myself running at all yet here I am. I never knew how much of a mental game running is; you'd think it was all physical, but its so much more than that. 

I just need to keep telling myself...

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