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Friday, October 25, 2013

Doctor Day

Yesterday we met with a new specialist for Charlie's tummy trouble. We like his pediatric GI specialist, but it was nice to talk to someone else about what's been going. Let's be honest - this needs to get figured out right quick. Charlie was pretty much potty trained before he contracted c. diff from antibiotic use. I'd really like us to get back to that point!

The infectious disease specialist had an interesting theory - how can antibiotics help the infection if Charlie's digestive system is so irritated by the months of diarrhea? C. diff is a naturally occurring bacteria in our bodies, but its when an overgrowth happens that it becomes a problem. His body needs to be rebalanced, but the environment is less than ideal. He wants us to finish the round of medication prescribed by the GI, but after that, look into solving the irritation/inflammation problem before continuing to attach the infection. Now we're getting somewhere!

Thus far, Charlie's second round of Vancomycin seems to be working. He's back to his normal self and seems to be feeling better. I hope it sticks this time around.

He has to take this medication four times a day, making it a little more interesting than the normal "take at meals" deal. To avoid forgetting (or goodness forbid, double dosing) we keep a chart on the fridge. No need to find a marker, a simple swipe and we mark off what dose was given.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Starting to Pack

Yes, I realize that I'm packing a tad early, but that's the beauty of going on vacation to a summery place when its fall/winter back at home! I can pack the shorts, t-shirts, and bathing suits without missing a beat.

If you haven't looked, there are about twelve million websites dedicated to Disney planning, booking, packing, and vacationing, so I'm not going to reinvent the wheel here. What I can do is post the links and tips that I've found to be the most helpful thus far.

Here are my favorite tips I've found around the internet about packing for Disney.
  •  For kids who will have lots of extra clothes, pack outfits together in quart size zip top bags. Socks, hair accessories, etc. included. I was able to fit 14 outfits and 2 costumes in one side of this carry on size suitcase for Ginny!
  • Bring your own souvenirs. I actually got this idea from my sister - whenever they bring my nephew somewhere that she knows will sell those carts full of light up toys for $20 a piece, she makes sure to bring some fun light up toy, even just glow sticks, in her purse. It has saved her a small fortune, I'm sure.
  • Make spreadsheets. No one needed to tell me this one - I make spreadsheets for everything. It is a good tip, none the less. I have an excel spread sheet with our travel information, packing lists, and to do lists.
  • Pack your tickets, Magic Bands, medication, travel documents, and other important items in your carry on. Your bags may take a little bit to arrive at the resort and you don't want to be stuck waiting around!
  • Download your apps. There are several apps worth looking into before you head to Disney. The My Disney Experience app links with your reservations and FastPass+ meaning you can make changes on the go in addition to checking wait times, keeping tabs on character meet and greets, and looking at maps. Another handy app is the GPS Transportation Wizard by Our Laughing Place. Just plug in where you are and where you want to go and it will tell you the most efficient combination of transportation (boat, bus, monorail, walking, etc.) across the vast Disney property. And let's be honest - its Florida. Having the app is probably a smart idea too. ;-)
  • Speaking of rain, being prepared is important. We got caught in many quick down pours last time we went. An umbrella, ponchos, and a clear shower curtain to cover the stroller (from the dollar store) will keep you dry!
  • Our party consists of two kids and three adults. Correction, one teething infant, one stubborn toddler, and three adults.We're bringing ear plugs and taking turns wearing them so at least most of us are guaranteed uninterrupted sleep. 
  • It sounds like overkill, but we're bringing a small pop up hamper. With all of the anticipated clothing changes, if anything it'll keep things organized.
  • We plan on gate checking our double stroller and while we can hope and pray, there is always a chance it could be damaged in flight. To minimize the chance of damage, we are removing every part that we possibly can (kid tray, canopies, seat padding, and parent tray) and safely packing them in luggage. It makes the stroller much smaller and less likely to catch on something. 

Here is a Google doc of our entire packing list for 8 days in Disney. It looks like a lot, but everything is either a sample size or brought in a much smaller container (i.e. dish soap, laundry detergent) and really, I'd rather bring more things to make the week easier than have to find something last minute!

Another packing tip is to choose your airline carefully. Southwest happened to have the cheapest fairs, but as a bonus, bags (two per ticket) fly free! This was a HUGE cost savings to us with all of the stuff we're needing to bring. We'll be checking four pieces of luggage, which would have cost us $200 on another airline. Ouch!

Here's to not forgetting anything! Back to packing I go.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Almost Three

In one week, this kid - this kind, funny, sassy, smart kid will be three. I'll try my best to hold it together, but I make no promises.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cogenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

I spent the last 20 minutes breaking the tiniest pills I've ever seen into neat little halves.

I wrote last week that we were waiting for Ginny's lab results to come back to help explain her abnormal hormone levels. Originally, I thought we would have to wait until her follow up appointment in November, but the doctor called today.

Her 17 OHP levels were very high and her cortisol levels were very low confirming a diagnosis of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. The good news is that she does not have the more severe form where the salts needed to stabilize the body end up dangerously low without regulation. She has a more simplified form and is able to regulate her salts and enzymes on her own. This still means, however, that her body does not make cortisol as it should and she will need cortisol replacement for the rest of her life. One half of a tiny pill, three times a day.

In the grand scheme of things, this is good news. We will be able to manage her condition with easily obtainable, inexpensive hydrocortisone. Her endocrinologist is very positive and confident that we can get this figured out.

It's tough news, but good news. It is just who she is and what she needs.

New Cloth Diaper Favorites!

When we first began researching cloth diapers for Charlie, we went with bumGenius since they were recommended by friends of ours and seemed simple enough. If you haven't researched cloth diapers before, it can be very overwhelming - different brands, styles, price points, etc. We ordered 24 diapers and went on our merry way.

Over the 2 1/2 years we cloth diapered Charlie, those bumGenius diapers took one hell of a beating. Assuming they were washed every other day, it means they survived over 450 washes and saved us over $2,000. Awesome, right? They did their job, that's for certain, but by the time Ginny came around they were in bad shape and needed to be retired.

Time to build a new stash! For Ginny, I knew I wanted to try to cloth diaper from birth since we spent so much money on preemie and newborn diapers for Charlie before he could fit into his one size cloth. Our newborn stash of diapers consisted of Green Mountain Diapers prefolds, various covers, and Snappis.

Our favorites covers were:
  • Thirsties, size 1
  • Best Bottoms
  • Rumparooz, newborn size
Of the three, the Best Bottoms fit the absolute best with Rumparooz second and Thirsties third. The Best Bottoms are actually part of an all-in-two system, but just over simple prefolds, they were bulletproof. We didn't have a single leak the entire time we used them. What disposable diaper could say that?

The newborn (orange edge) prefolds lasted until Ginny was about 3 months old and around 12lbs. By doing newborn cloth, we saved an estimated $155 (Newborn Up & Up diapers @ $6.49/36 diapers, 2 packs per week for 3 months). All of the prefolds and covers cost me about $100 and I was able to recoup about $60 reselling the covers and most of the prefolds when we were done.

Then it was time to move onto one size! Now this is where things got a little out of hand. There are these amazing things on facebook called Buy/Sell/Trade groups and they will be the death....of my wallet. On these pages, you can chat with other cloth diapering Moms and find great deals on used cloth diapering supplies. Since cloth diapers are meant to be deep cleaned, there is no danger of buying used. Score!

Once all was said and done, Ginny ended up with over 100 possible diaper changes of all kinds of combinations. All in ones, all in twos, prefolds/covers, pockets, natural fibers, name it. Though we still have several bumGenius pockets, there is so much more out there!

This is an all-in-two hybrid system that consists of shells and inserts that snap into the shell. I love this system because the prints are cute, the inserts are absorbent, and they fit Ginny really well. The perk of an all-in-two system is that during a diaper change, you pull out the insert and snap in another one. You can reuse the same shell a few times before swapping it out (unless it gets dirty, obviously). It cuts down on laundry quite a bit.
Grovia also has the most buttery soft bamboo cotton prefolds in addition to their snap inserts. They are the most wonderfully soft things I've ever felt in my life! They are also the most ridiculously absorbent things I've ever seen. We use them for overnight and never have a leak, even after 10-12 hours of sleep.

The problem with Rumparooz is that the prints are collectable. That's right, poop catchers....collectable. It was my mission to own them all, which I eventually did thanks to the swaps. I love the rainbow of solids and prints that Rumparooz offers!

Functionally, I love Rumps because they fit well, are sturdy, and have an inner gusset that really keeps in the mess. We've only had leaks with these when Ginny starts out peeing the absorbency and we need to stuff more in the pocket.

Microfiber vs. Bamboo/Hemp/Cotton Inserts
Our original bumGenius diapers came with microfiber inserts that we used to absolute death. We went through a lot of trial and error finding the perfect wash routine for our hard water. Though microfiber is an overall good material, there are other options for absorbency - organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp.

  • Pros - It absorbs quickly, holds a lot, and is the most inexpensive insert option.
  • Cons - Can be bulky when doubled up in a pocket, can't go against baby's skin, and has a tendency to hold stink and get soap and mineral build up.
  • Favorite Brands: Usually come with pocket diapers (i.e. Rumparooz, bumGenius, Imagine)
  • Pros - Holds about 2.5 times more moisture than microfiber without being bulky. Also, naturally antimicrobial and can go against baby's skin.
  • Cons - Can be rough, get misshapen in the wash, and takes longer to dry.
  • Favorite Brands: Hemp Babies, Thirsties, Rumparooz, Knickernappies
  • Pros - Incredibly soft, can go against baby's skin, not bulky, and absorbs slowly to lock in moisture.
  • Cons - Often more expensive than synthetic materials and can wear out quicker, forming holes and thin spots. Takes longer to dry.
  • Favorite Brands: Grovia, Blueberry, Thirsties, Rumparooz
Organic Cotton
  • Pros - Super soft, very absorbent, and can go against baby's skin.
  • Cons - Often more expensive and can wear out quickly, forming holes and thin spots. Stains more easily than other fibers, but usually suns out well.
  • Favorite Brands: Grovia, Green Mountain Diapers

I love to mix and match the various inserts to get the absorbency I need while keeping the bulk to a minimum. A thin microfiber insert paired with a thin hemp insert will absorb much more than a thick microfiber insert alone. A thick microfiber insert on top of a hemp or bamboo insert will quickly soak up and then lock away moisture for a great overnight solution. Knickernappies LoopyDo inserts are a great example of various fibers (hemp, french terry, and microfiber) working together in sweet leak-free harmony.

Planet Wise wet bags
We are fortunate that daycare accepts cloth diapers, but we were in serious need of a few new wet bags to bring home the dirties. I was admittedly cheap when cloth diapering Charlie and didn't even look at Planet Wise bags at $20 a pop (I picked ours up on clearance and on the swaps). Well let me tell you - they are SO worth it. Worried about leaks and stink escaping? These things can literally hold water. We have three that rotate throughout the week to and from daycare. They take a little long to dry, but otherwise I have zero complaints.

We also have their sandwich and snack bags and I highly recommend them!

The more I read about cloth diapers, the more I learn. There are so many options out there to suit your unique needs and make cloth diapering easy for your family.

Want to check out the swaps? These are just the ones I'm familiar with - there there are tons more out there!

Monday, October 21, 2013

I Hate This Part

With a newborn, you can pretty much be assured that when they cry they need something - diaper change, to be fed, rocked to sleep, etc. Now, it's not to say that older infants don't need to be held, but there comes a point where they......figure out the game.

It's bed time. I go through the whole routine, put her down, turn out the lights, and pray for silence. Nope, nope, nope - crying. She's changed, fed, and should otherwise be happy, but nope.

The internal debate begins.

What do I do? Do I give her a few minutes to figure her life out? Do I run in there? What if she's hurt? What if she's scared? What if she managed to squirm out of her sleeper and wrap it around her face in the 30 seconds since I left the room?!?!

Then I walk in there, she's all, "Oh hey, fancy meeting you here. Wanna play?"

Tricked again.

Ginny is at the crossroads of attachment anxiety and teething, with a dash of "even I don't know why I'm crying!" It's a barrel of fun. Don't get me wrong - when my baby cries, I go to her. I would love, however, for her to learn to put herself back to sleep a little better. We've started reading up on sleep training, but can't seem to take the plunge on anything because her teeth are coming in so rapid fire and she's almost always in pain. She cut her first tooth about 6 weeks ago and has since cut a total of 5 - including both big top teeth. Ouch.

Last night, J was up rocking her for longer than he actually slept. The night before last, I was up with her for a while, then finally just nursed her in bed - leading to me getting punched in the face every 30 seconds while she ate. It's been a little rough around here.

For now, it is just easier to rock her back to sleep or nurse her to sleep than to help her learn to sleep better - especially when we don't know whether the crying is from teething or just being stubborn. It'll come - it has to, but in the meantime....::yawn::

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Organizing Toys: The Neverending Battle

If there's one thing I feel like I am constantly working on, its keeping all of the kids' toys organized. My Mom always said, "If things have a home, they can be put away, but if you have too much stuff, it will always be cluttered." Granted, I don't think our rooms were ever very clean, but a Mom can dream!

At the moment, Charlie has a few different kinds of toys - the bigger things you can throw in a toy box, games/puzzles/toys with a zillion small pieces, and stuffed animals. The trick is keeping all the little pieces together and away from Ginny. Baby proofing has a whole different meaning when you have a toddler and a baby!

Here's how we troubleshoot the kid clutter. Or at least try to.

Problem: Throughout the day, Charlie brings all of his toys from his room to the living room. When it's time to clean up and go to bed, it makes for several trips back and forth to his room.

Solution: My31 Large Utility Tote

Instead of carrying toys, clothes, shoes, etc. by the arm load back to Charlie's room, we fill up the large utility tote and I carry it back to his room. We then put everything away as part of his bedtime routine. It saves SO much time! Also, if Charlie falls asleep before cleaning up (we all have those days), I can fill the tote and place it outside his door to be put away in the morning.

Problem: Charlie can't read labels, so he has to open every baby wipes container turned toy storage bin to find what he's looking for.

Solution: Clear bins from Walmart

For a mere $.97 each, we got these little square bins to hold toys that have small pieces. He can easily see what is in each of them and find what he's looking for. I thought using baby wipes containers was genius -- until he started busting them ALL open looking for a particular toy. As a bonus, he can open these much easier than the wipes containers.

Problem: Many of Charlie's toys (as seen above) have a lot of little pieces that we'd find under the bookcase, behind the couch, on the kitchen table, etc. Meanwhile, when we cleaned up, we thought we had all of them. How many pieces are there?!

Solution: Count toy pieces and label their bin.

We didn't do this at first, leaving us to do a little catching up, but now whenever Charlie gets a toy, we first count the pieces, write it on a label, and stick it to the bottom of the box. At the end of the day when we're cleaning up, we know exactly how many pieces we're looking for. It minimizes the risk of forgetting a piece and it ending up in Ginny's mouth.

Problem: Picking a movie to watch can take an eternity.

Solution: Organizing movies by genre in boxes.

Now, it still may take him a year to actually choose a movie, but organizing this way does help cut down on the picking time.We used to have our movies lined up across the TV cabinet all willy nilly, making it hard for a kid to find the kid movies. We picked up six decorative shoe boxes from Michael's and organized them all by genre. Now, when its time to pick a movie, we can pull out the "Family" box or "Disney" box and let him pick from them. Each shoe box holds approximately 20 movies, even with a few special editions or BluRays mixed in.

Problem: Bath toys never dry!

Solution: KidCo Bath Toy Organizer Storage Basket

We've tried the mesh nets and we've tried the plastic bins that hang on the wall, but neither of them work. The toys aren't able to drain properly and take forever to dry causing mold issues. Eww. Also, have you ever had a basket of tub toys unsuction cup from the wall and crash into the tub in the middle of the night? Its terrifying!!

This fully adjustable basket sits across the tub and allows the toys to drain and dry quickly. Then, they're ready for the next bath in easy reach of the kids.

What are your favorite toy storage solutions? What have you done to troubleshoot the clutter?

Friday, October 18, 2013

Jake & Tinkerbell Costumes

The Halloween costumes are finally in the works! No better way to celebrate Halloween season in Disney World than by dressing up....all week long! With our trip rapidly approaching, I have finally gotten the motivation to start working on our costumes. The first ones to get one were Jake and Tinkerbell!

For Charlie's Jake costume, I bought 1/2 yard of navy blue suiting fabric and yellow double fold bias tape for the vest, then used a white under shirt and blue pants for the rest of the outfit. I had red fabric and yellow felt from another project for the bandana and vest buttons.

I used this tutorial to help me figure out the vest, which after a little trial and error, wasn't too tough. The yellow bias tape finished off all the outer edges and then I took a lighter and (carefully!!) burned the edges of the arm holes. Suiting fabric is synthetic, so the edge melts to a nice, no sew finish.

I wish I had a picture of Charlie in his costume, but he didn't nap today and threw a royal hissy fit when I tried to put it on him. You get the idea.

All together, with coupons, it came to about $4. Not too shabby for a costume that is $20-$25 in the store!

Ginny's Tinkerbell costume was a little bit more complicated, but it was worth it. I based the look off of this tutorial, but mostly winged it (pardon the fairy humor). For this costume, I purchased 1/4" yard bright green sparkly costume satin, 1/4" yard olive green sparkly costume satin, 1 1/2 yards of green tulle, and 1 1/2 yards of white tulle. I love how tiny costumes need such little fabric!

I'm still not sure about the straps. She's going to wear this over a white onesie (long sleeve or short sleeve, depending on the weather), so I don't know if she needs straps. We'll see. Its fairly plain on the front, but I was afraid that if I added too much, she'd try to eat it. She goes after the tulle skirt enough as it is!

This costume cost about $8 to make thanks to coupons and sales. Can't beat it! And here is my tiny Tink trying on her costume.

Still to go are Luke and Leia costumes (including bun ear muffs!) for the kids and Disney marathon inspired princess dresses for me. I can't wait!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Product Review: We Love Citrus Lane!

Our box is here!!

Every month, Charlie gets a surprise in the mail - a box of toys and neat stuff picked out just for him! Citrus Lane hand picks fun, high quality products, most of which you've probably never heard of, and sends them to your door. Your box, which arrives with free shipping, is put together based on your child's age and the gender you choose when you subscribe (boy, girl, gender neutral).

Over the past few months, some of the things we've received are...

Melissa and Doug lacing cards
Clean Well hand sanitizer wipes
Sun Protection Hat from iPlay
Haba sand/water scoop
Dot to Dot Chalks from Alex Toys
Sunny Sunscreen SPF35 from Episencial 
Ouchies band aids (Eric Carle prints)
Animal ABCs by Charlie Harper
Babytime Playful Wash by Episencial
Julep nail color
Hape City Planner Blocks
Cool It Buddy instant ice pack
Goodbyn Bynto Box
and various snacks to try (Happy Tot, Plum Organic, Ella's Kitchen, etc.)

We've been getting Citrus Lane boxes since June and this month's might be my favorite yet! This month, our 36 month boy box contained...

Cloud B Twinkles To Go by Cloud B
We are HUGE Cloud B fans around here. Both Charlie and Ginny sleep with their Sleep Sheep every night and recently I was considering buying a Twinkle To Go, believe it or not! We put it on Charlie's night stand before bed and he hardly listened to his bedtime story - he was so entranced by the stars all over his ceiling and walls.

Rhythm Sticks by Hohner Kids
Charlie is a big music buff, so naturally these were a huge hit. He hasn't gotten the hang of the whole rubbing one stick on the other to make a rhythm, but they work as fabulous drum sticks so far.

BOPS: Baked Organic Potato Snack by Good Boy Organics 
These were gone before we could even get unpacked from daycare.

Ladybug Magazine by Cricket Magazine Group 
While we didn't get a chance to read any of the stories, a quick flip through and it looks like we'll enjoy all of the stories, poems, and pictures! We're always looking for new things to read, so this is perfect.

Free 3 month digital subscription to Ladybug Magazine

We can't wait for next month's box!

Do you get Citrus Lane? What did you think of this month's box? If you want to try Citrus Lane for your little one, you can use my link for $10 off your first order!
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ginny: 5 Months & 6 Months

While on an unexpected hiatus, I completely missed out on posting Ginny's 5 and 6 month updates. Whoops! Here's what Miss G has been up to.

5 Months
August 27th, 2013

Stats: 13lbs 14oz, 24 1/2" long

Favorite toys: She's working on two top teeth that I swear are coming in any second, so her current favorite is Sophie. I never understood the allure of a $20 teether, but holy moly - she loves it and it really seems to help!

Favorite activities: Exploring the living room via rolling and bouncing in her jumperoo. She has started to notice Charlie more, so when he does silly things she laughs and laughs. Melts my heart.

Clothing: Almost in 6-9 months. I put away all of her tiny clothes and broke out the fall/winter stuff!

Teeth: Two bottoms and working on two tops.

Sleep: Sleeping through the night. Yesssssss.

New Tricks: She's working on sitting up and is almost there!

6 Months
September 27th, 2013

Stats: 14 lbs. 10 oz., 25" long

Favorite toys: Her Lamaze  Princess Sophie and the Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym are her favorite things right now. The Kick Piano has out lived most other toys she's had - it goes from a lay down gym, to a sitting toy so I'm sure it'll be popular around here for a long time!

Favorite activities: Rolling and scooting around the floor. Seriously, she would do this for hours and hours. She likes being held plenty, but she really loves being free to scoot.

New foods this month: Puffs, mango, apples, squash, sweet potato, crackers, carrots, and peas. She loves just about everything! She's working on picking up the puffs and gets most of them in her mouth. The others, Penny is happy to catch.

Clothing: 6-9 months, especially pants for her long legs and fluffy butt.

Teeth: Two bottoms, two tops.

Sleep: She's gone back to waking up at night to eat, but what can you do - she's a growing girl! Her naps go back and forth from long to non-existent.

New Tricks: Sitting up really well and almost crawling! She'll get up on hands and knees and rock back and forth. I bet she'll have it down in the next month or so!

My big girl sitting up all by herself!

And then this happened. Just can't handle the brother love.

Waiting for a Diagnosis

To say there has been a lot going on is an understatement. Over the past six weeks, I've spent more time in doctor's offices and on the phone with the insurance company and pharmacy than I'd care to admit. What's going on? Too much. Like, I can't even make this stuff up.

If you recall/have been reading that long, you know that Charlie is prone to get sick with, well, just about everything. He's had RSV, croup, bronchitis, pneumonia, hand food and mouth, Roseola, pink eye, and countless ear infections and colds. After one too many antibiotics he came down with something different - clostridium difficile (c. diff). Remember way back in high school health class - our bodies have naturally occurring bacteria that protect our gut and make everything run smoothly. When that bacteria is destroyed, it leaves room for bad bacteria to grow. In comes the c. diff bug.

All summer, Charlie was having stomach issues, to put it simply. Explosive ones. For weeks, multiple times a day. It was impossible to potty train him when he had no control over his bowels. We took him to the pediatrician several times and they claimed it must be his diet or "just how he was," but I couldn't be satisfied with that. He was miserable. He started eating less, sleeping poorly, and wasn't his normal playful self. A referral to a pediatric gastroenterologist and we had a diagnosis.

It's been two months and two rounds of special antibiotics given 4 times a day and its still lingering. We've moved onto a third try of antibiotics and a new referral to a pediatric infectious disease specialist, who we see next week. The good news is that while he's on the antibiotics, he's my happy boy again. I'm not sure what the ID specialist will say or even what he could recommend, but I'm hoping whatever it is, it works.

Then, there's Ginny. Have I mentioned that I can't make this stuff up? At her 3 month appointment, the doctor noticed something strange while doing a physical exam and recommended we see a pediatric endocrinologist. Blood tests revealed wonky (for lack of a better term) hormone levels that couldn't be explained.

Here's another health class lesson - your pituitary gland, located in your head, is the command center for hormones released by your adrenal glands, located above your kidneys. Your pituitary releases something called ACTH which triggers your adrenal glands to respond by producing cortisol - the stress hormone. One hormone called 17 OHP is created by the adrenal glands and is converted into cortisol. Ginny's tests came back that she had an excess of 17 OHP, but a normal level of cortisol. Typically, if you have an excess of 17 OHP its because it is not being converted and you therefore have a low cortisol level. What does that mean? We're not sure. The prognosis could range from absolutely nothing to concerning. She had a controlled adrenal stimulation test conducted last week and we will get the results back in about a month.

While we're waiting for all the various test results to come back, we're sitting and waiting (and trying not to Google). I think I've done a pretty good job of keeping calm, but I can't help but worry about them both. All I can really do is thank God that we have good insurance and that we're so close to good medical specialists. I think I've unconsciously left no time for me to sit and think recently, keeping busy with 100 other things around the house, leaving little time for hobbies and blogging.

So, here I am back on the blog-wagon. I have been keeping a list of topics I want to post about like our Disney trip, our updated cloth diaper stash, some new projects we're working on, and of course updating about the kids. Here goes.