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Monday, May 7, 2012

It's ENT Time

After four double ear infections and one single ear infection in the past two months, we're being referred to an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) doctor to start talking about tubes. ::sigh:: I knew this was coming.

The past two months have been rough. C gets a runny nose, that turns into a gunky nose, then one night he wakes up wailing and pulling at his ears. We go to the doctor, they diagnose an ear infection or two, and give oral antibiotics. Antibiotics don't work after a few days, so he gets an antibiotic injection, and is healthy for a few days. Rinse and repeat.

I feel so bad for this poor little guy. The nights when he's getting an infection back are the worst. He only wants to be held, which is understandable since when he lies down the pressure on his ears causes pain. We've spent many nights in the glider recently.

It's strange - when we were in Virginia, C had gotten colds and even one or two more serious viruses and illnesses, but never a single ear infection. I thought that maybe he just wasn't an ear infection kind of kid, but I was wrong. My theory is that moving back north, in all of its high pollen and pollution glory, has messed with him big time. He has been sicker since we moved here than he's ever been. Since August he's had croup, bronchitis twice, pink eye, a stomach bug, several colds, and that random virus that had him spiking 105 fevers for a week. I know he's in daycare and all that, but C'MON! Can the poor kid get a break?

J is taking C back to the doctor this afternoon for a follow up appointment and to get more information about the ENT. I'm hoping we can get in soon for an appointment and get this feel better plan in action. The less middle of the night screaming in pain, the better...for all of us. At this point, I'm not even concerned about the surgery - I just want him to feel better for more than a day or two at a time.

But really - surgery last June AND this June? Lets not make this an annual event, little man. Momma begs you.

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