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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tis the season...

For a sick toddler. I apologize for the sudden hiatus; I have had a very long week of a sick kid, a sprained foot, and trying to close up campus for winter break. Yes. Long week.

Last Friday, C woke up with a bit of a fever. By Saturday, the fever evolved into a goopy eye, runny nose, and him tugging at his right ear. Off to the pediatrician we went! Acute ear infection, pink eye, and a script for Amoxicillin later, we were on our way home. Sunday, the fever continued and Monday he started tugging at his left ear. How a kid gets second ear infection and higher fevers while on antibiotics is beyond me. Apparently, Amoxicillin isn't his thing. 

He continued spiking 104 - 105.6 fevers for the next few days and despite two blood panels and a chest x-ray, we couldn't figure out exactly what was causing it. His doctor switched to Rocephin injections, which were brutal, but eventually helped. The fevers are gone and we're left with just a very runny nose. I'll take it.

Now, if you're a frequent reader, you may be saying to yourself, "Gee, it seems like C gets sick a lot." You'd be right. Since moving here in August, he's had a few colds, croup, impetigo, viral pneumonia, ear infections, pink eye, and now this mysterious virus that kicked his butt for a week. Maybe its because he was a preemie, maybe its because he goes to a huge daycare center, and maybe he's just got a crappy immune system. Either way, we already do vitamins, hand washing, and toy sanitizing, so I guess we'll just hope its not a bad winter.

The good news is that he's feeling much better. So much so that he felt like repurposing his bib into a cape. That's my boy.


  1. Looks like you may need to put this on the Christmas list!!!

  2. Aww, poor little guy! Glad to see he's feeling much better. :)