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Friday, October 25, 2013

Doctor Day

Yesterday we met with a new specialist for Charlie's tummy trouble. We like his pediatric GI specialist, but it was nice to talk to someone else about what's been going. Let's be honest - this needs to get figured out right quick. Charlie was pretty much potty trained before he contracted c. diff from antibiotic use. I'd really like us to get back to that point!

The infectious disease specialist had an interesting theory - how can antibiotics help the infection if Charlie's digestive system is so irritated by the months of diarrhea? C. diff is a naturally occurring bacteria in our bodies, but its when an overgrowth happens that it becomes a problem. His body needs to be rebalanced, but the environment is less than ideal. He wants us to finish the round of medication prescribed by the GI, but after that, look into solving the irritation/inflammation problem before continuing to attach the infection. Now we're getting somewhere!

Thus far, Charlie's second round of Vancomycin seems to be working. He's back to his normal self and seems to be feeling better. I hope it sticks this time around.

He has to take this medication four times a day, making it a little more interesting than the normal "take at meals" deal. To avoid forgetting (or goodness forbid, double dosing) we keep a chart on the fridge. No need to find a marker, a simple swipe and we mark off what dose was given.

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