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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Newborn Cloth Update

I spent most of my pregnancy researching and slowing building a newborn cloth diaper stash and while we started out using disposables on G's teeny tiny butt, now that her belly button has healed, its been all cloth.

Instead of buying all of one kind like I did with C, I collected all different kinds/brands to try out. My favorite so far has been Green Mountain Diapers prefolds and Thirsties covers. At first, I wasn't sure if they fit right, which surprised me since the covers say they start at 6 pounds. Truth is, on a baby this little, nothing is going to be super trim, hence the term "fluffy butt."

So far, we haven't had any leaks, which makes me happy because I'm a complete prefold folding newb. After a ton of Googling and tutorial watching, I can safely say that the jelly roll fold is my favorite. It takes a second to set up, but it seems to be the most trim and comfortable on her. It also creates little gussets around her legs to keep messes in.

See how tiny her legs are in comparison to my hand? Apparently, I only make children with tiny bird legs.

Other than their ease of use and ability to fit my little 7 pounder, I absolutely love the patterns that Thirsties come in! Argyle, flowers, stripes, solids - so pretty, its a shame to cover them up with clothes! I scored most of my Thirsties covers during Black Friday sales, which saved a ton of money. Even at full price, however, prefolds and covers are the way to go if you want to save some cash when building your stash.

Thirsties size one cover in Scottish Rose
Another big perk of prefolds is how easy they are to clean! I'm used to fighting with synthetic microfiber inserts and ammonia smell. Prefolds are cotton so they clean and rinse much easier. Thank goodness - I cannot wait to pitch C's microfiber inserts when he potty trains.

Two kids in cloth; one a messy, sweaty toddler, the other a spit up queen. Lets just say, I'm happily up to my eyeballs in laundry.

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