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Friday, April 12, 2013

Weight Check #3

At birth, G weighed 7lbs 6oz. When she left the hospital, she was 6lbs 12oz. Totally normal to lose a bit of weight at first - no big deal. At her first weight check 8 days later, however, she had only gained back 3oz. Typically, its ideal for newborns to gain back an ounce a day after leaving the hospital.

Charlie at 7 months and 13lbs.
I didn't get it. She had been latching and nursing like a natural since birth - why wasn't she gaining weight? Another weight check was scheduled for the following Monday. In three days, she gained another 3oz. Finally, on the right track! Today, was a final weight check before moving onto the normal check up schedule and she gained another 5 ounces for a total weight of 7lbs. 7oz. Above birth weight!

Despite her gaining semi-steadily, I'm nervous. C was such a slow grower and yes, it could be attributed to his prematurity, but I can't help but worry the same will happen with G. His slow growth led to low muscle tone and delayed physical development landing him in physical therapy for a year. He didn't make an appearance on the growth chart until 11 months old when he jumped from >5% to 10%.

The thing that makes me laugh now is that when people ask how old he is they are shocked that he is only 2 1/2. "Oooh, big boy!" is the common response. How things change.

If G does follow in her brother's scrawny footsteps, there really isn't anything we can do about it. Some kids are just petite and who knows, she could hit her first growth spurt and blow the curve. Only time will tell. All I know thus far is that she's eating well, she's happy, and gaining. Keep it up, G!

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  1. According to your weight/height list on C's page, Ben at 25 months is around the same size C was at 18 months. B never had any issues with muscle tone and has been on his feet & on the move since 8 months. So no worries about size. She'll be fine! B may be tiny, but he's powerful, and that's what matters the most with our tiny tots!!