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Saturday, April 13, 2013

We need more space!

In the freezer, that is.

As I was feeding G earlier today I realized something - once I go back to work and start freezing breast milk we will be seriously short on freezer space. Then I further realized that once we start making and freezing baby food, well, there won't be any room at all! Time to start scouring Craig's List for a chest freezer. I wasn't sure if J would be on board with getting a semi-big appliance for what would realistically only be a year of milk and puree foods, he loved the idea! "We can always use more freezer space." he said. Done and done.

With gardening season rapidly approaching, I'm excited to start making and freezing baby food. By the time G is six months and ready to start solids, we should have a nice stash of purees for her to try thanks to our garden and local you pick places. Using this guide from Wholesome Baby Food's website, it'll be easy to decide what to freeze and for how long. 

If you want to make your own baby food, definitely check out Wholesome Baby Food. Its a great website with puree and baby led weaning info, recipes for different stages, and just about anything you want to know about feeding your baby.

Still working on breastfeeding? My favorite resource for that is There are so many questions and worries when you're breastfeeding and I can honestly say this site has answered every single one of mine - including information about pumping, storing, and using milk. With a deep freezer, I can store breast milk for up to a year. How's that for awesome?

Hopefully, Craig's List doesn't let me down. It is usually slim pickins in this area, but you never know. Wish me luck!

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  1. Just remember to check out the energy ratings on the freezers. With the way some of the older ones suck up energy, you may be better off buying organic baby food. Also, deep freezers are only deep freezers if you are not opening them regularly to put things in/take them out so you'll still need plenty of space to store a week's worth of food. (Why yes, I did look into this for us as well ;))

    If you have Habitat for Humanity ReStore anywhere within an hour or two, I would definitely check it/them for freezers as well.