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Monday, March 4, 2013

36 Weeks

Woo hoo! All done with my round of 17P shots!! I'm so excited to be done with them - partly because it means she's almost here and partly because well, who really likes getting shots in the ass? Not this girl.

Now that those are done, its on to the labor waiting game. I've read/heard that once the last shot clears your system (7-10 days later) it all depends on how well your body tolerates the dip in hormones. Some people go into labor shortly after while others go to term or even late! Either way, I'm just glad the shots have been working. One more week until full term! Then she can come whenever she wants. ;-)

So far, into this new part of pregnancy, I'm actually relatively comfortable save for the exhaustion and swelling. Seriously, drying off after the shower or putting on shoes gets me winded.

On the clothing front, I only have two pairs of pants and a pair of leggings that fit at this point though, which makes dressing for work interesting. Once March 28th hits (my first day of leave) its smooth sailing into sweatpants land!! Thank goodness my sister convinced me to buy a maternity coat. This winter has been WAY too cold to go without one like I'd planned.

Thankfully, we're almost through our pre-baby check list and only need do a bit more in the nursery and install the car seat bases. I really hope to finish a few more crafty things for G's room this weekend (along with some much needed napping).

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