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Saturday, June 14, 2014

I'm Thirty!

Back in March, I decided that instead of doing a "before I'm 30" bucket list, I should put together a "when I'm 30" bucket list. Thirty things I want to do the year I turn 30. Why not, right? Start the new decade off right. Besides, the last time I started a new decade I was a know it all, poor college student. Nowhere to go, but up folks.

So, here is my finalized Thirty in Thirty Bucket List!
  1. Wear make up (almost) everyday. 
  2. Fit into a size 8 again. 
  3. Put together a wardrobe that I'm proud of.
  4. Take better care of my skin. If I do wear make up, I often forget to wash it off and I always forget sunscreen. Not good. 
  5. Run a 5K, 10K, and a half marathon. 
  6. Join something new. It's broad, but who knows what I'll come up with!
  7. Be in at least 75 pictures with my family. I'm always behind the camera.
  8. Go camping.
  9. See a live show (concert, theatrical performance, etc.)
  10. Try 10 new wines.
  11. Take a cooking class with Jeff.
  12. Complete the 365 photography challenge (June 14th, 2014 - June 14th 2015)
  13. Write an article that gets published.
  14. (Finally) make scrapbooks for my wedding and honeymoon.
  15. Pull a good ol' fashioned all nighter hanging out with friends.
  16. Volunteer at least 5 hours a month.
  17. Visit 5 different museums.
  18. Donate blood twice.
  19. Learn to change the oil in my car.
  20. Try a new hobby. Not sure what, but I'm gonna try something new.
  21. Renew my CPR certification.
  22. Learn to juggle.
  23. Ride a horse.
  24. Read at least 3 books related to my profession. There's so much out there to learn.
  25. Visit 10 new places within 25 miles of my home. 
  26. Go to the beach.
  27. Learn to bake bread. 
  28. Take piano lessons.
  29. ?
  30. ?
I'm purposely leaving the last two open in case I think of new things along the way! For some things, I'll post about them here. For some, I'll just mark them off. Once I get started, I'll try to keep the list updated as best as I can!

To get things kicked off right, Jeff and I are tackling #8. Go camping! My Mother in Law was nice enough to watch the kids so we could get away and try out our tent.....that we got as a wedding present almost 5 years ago and have yet to use. Minor details. ;-)

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