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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tubes Round 2

About 18 months ago, Charlie was referred to an ENT after 6 months of ear infections. It was awful - ear infection after ear infection and antibiotic after antibiotic. Eventually, it was recommended that he get tubes and have his adenoids removed. Once the surgery was done, it was like he was cured. He didn't have a single ear infection for well over a year.

This fall his tubes fell out. Its totally normal for them to fall out 12-18 months after being put in - usually the kid grows out of the problem and its all good. Within a few weeks, however, he was having problems again and not just ear aches - full on infections that perforated his ear drum and drained for days. Three in three months landed us back at the ENT. The good news is that the doc wasn't going to make us wait for more infections to pop up and wanted to put new tubes in right away. The bad news is that he's scheduled to go in tomorrow morning - two days before Christmas. The other good news is that aside from being a bit groggy, he'll recover quickly and be back to normal in a day or so.

So, tomorrow is the big day. Last time this was done, he was so much younger and didn't really understand what was going on. This time, I'm scared. He's so anxious when things are being done to him (like getting his ears or blood pressure checked) and I'm afraid he's going to be a screaming mess. We've been talking to him for the past few days about how the doctor is going to fix his ears so they don't hurt anymore and he understands at least that much. Poor kid's ears have been hurting him and he's lost a bit of his hearing, so I can imagine he's as excited as a 3 year old can be about surgery.

Hopefully, bringing Mickey Mouse will help ease his nerves. We have a matching Donald Duck (originally meant for his Christmas stocking) waiting for him when he comes out of surgery.

Wish us luck!


  1. Praying for you. Maybe you should get a doctor kit. Maria has been checking our blood pressure at least 3x a day since she got hers!

    1. Charlie is getting the doctor kit for Christmas. Now that his surgery is rescheduled, he'll have it before going in! Good to hear its a hit - I hope he loves it too!