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Monday, December 23, 2013

Change of Plans: Tubes Update

As I said yesterday, today was supposed to be tube day. We kept Charlie up later than usual and he thankfully slept until 7am. We dressed him and threw him in the car so we could drop Ginny at daycare and head to the surgery center. When we got there, the doctor spoke with us and apologized for the confusion. Confusion? What confusion?!

When I got the call on Friday to pre-register Charlie for the surgery, I mentioned that he was finishing up a round of Vancomycin for c diff, but that he was better at this point. We don't have a negative test result yet (he's getting tested again next week), but he's been significantly better for a few weeks now.   The nurse we spoke to didn't say anything. Apparently, she called back an hour later to cancel the surgery because the surgery center was uncomfortable with Charlie not having a confirmed negative test yet.

Except, she never called.

We showed up, after spending 3 days talking to Charlie about how the doctor is going to fix his ears, just to leave again. We'll have to schedule the surgery with the main hospital as they have better "precautions for this kind of thing." Charlie's ENT seemed so embarrassed - I felt bad for the guy. He was so apologetic about the whole thing, but I knew it wasn't his fault. He just gets time at the surgery center, its not like its HIS office. We're hoping we can get Charlie in on Friday at the hospital. It should be easy to squeeze him in - the whole procedure only takes about 15 minutes. He wants it done ASAP, before another ear infection has a chance to set in.

So instead of surgery and resting today, Charlie and I are having a cookie baking and movie date. I've wanted to take him to see "Frozen" since it came out, but haven't had the time. With Ginny at daycare, today is perfect.

Hopefully we can get rescheduled soon. In the meantime, back to the holiday grind.

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