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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Breastfeeding: Take 2

A little over a week in and breastfeeding is going better than I could ask. In addition to being full term, I truly believe being able to nurse G so soon after birth, rather than pumping like I did with C, has made all the difference.

Now that my supply has settled and I no longer feel like I'm going to burst, nursing G has actually been very relaxing. I'm going the nursing on demand route, meaning I don't exactly get a lot done around the house and spend most of the day nested on the couch, but the snuggle time is absolutely wonderful.

Having "been there, done that" I'm trying to recall the struggles I had with C in order to avoid them this time around. While the situation is different, anything I can do to reach my goal of exclusively breastfeeding for at least a year is worth it.

One goal of mine is to make breastfeeding easier - on me and on J. How so? With C, I had this awful habit of sitting down to nurse him and always forgetting something I needed. Water, lanolin, etc. J was always getting me something that I forgot! This time, I took advantage of one of my favorite My 31 products, the Littles Carry All, and made a quick grab nursing kit. In my Littles Carry All I have...
  • Lansinoh lanolin
  • Water bottle
  • Extra breast pads
  • Burp cloth
  • Tissues
  • Lip balm
  • Easy to eat snacks
And there's still plenty of room to throw my phone and anything else I may need in there. With its little handle, this super cute tote is easy to grab and go from room to room. J certainly appreciates the drastic decrease in, "Honey, can you please get me ________?" requests.

Another goal was to make breastfeeding more comfortable. With C, I had a Boppy pillow - like every other Mom I know. I also had killer back pain from hunching over to use it. Maybe it flattened out over time, maybe it just wasn't right for me. Either way, I recently purchased a My Brest Friend pillow and WOW is there a huge difference. With its larger and firmer pillow and huge back rest, nursing is way more comfortable whether sitting in a chair, on the couch, or in bed.

(I'll be posting more of my new favorite baby items on Saturday!)

I know its only been one week, but I hope things continue down this path. We have a long road of growth spurts, me going back to work, and starting solids between us an the 12 month mark, but I have faith we can make it!

Speaking of making breastfeeding easy and comfortable, don't forget about the Undercover Mama camisole giveaway! It ends on Monday - have you entered?

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