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Friday, March 1, 2013

Date Night

Maybe not the kind of date night you're thinking of though; a toddler date night. Every Friday, my adorkable husband goes to the mall to play Magic the Gathering (yes, it still exists) leaving C and I to have our weekly date night.

Tonight, we had a lovely dinner (chicken nuggets and smashed potatoes), played with some blocks, made a (very paint saturated) masterpiece, followed quickly by bath time and bed.

I'm not entirely sure if the 30 minutes of entertained, quiet toddler was worth the 45 minutes it took to bathe him and clean up the easel, but he seemed to enjoy himself.

I love that we get this time together to play after a long week of rushing around. :-)


  1. Is tht a disposable diaper?! - loni

    1. Heck yes it is! I don't trust him not to get paint on a cloth one!! His sister needs them after he's done! LOL