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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Charlie's Little Sheep

Ever since he was tiny, C has loved books. We have been building his little library since before he was born and its grown to quite a size! He goes through phases of what books he gravitates to, but there are some clear favorites throughout the past two years.

His current favorite, which has hung around for quite a while now, is Russell the Sheep by Rob Scotton. He asks every night for, "Russell! Russell!" and though we can recite it by memory at this point, we're happy to oblige. 

Russell the Sheep is a story about Russell, a sheep with insomnia. All the other sheep go to bed, but Russell can't seem to fall asleep. He tries to find a comfy place, get warmer/cooler, and even counts the stars, but nothing helps. Eventually, he realizes something he could count -- sheep. Sound asleep. See what they did there?

Its cute, the perfect length for a quick bedtime story, and C loves counting along with Russell. This weekend, I asked a good friend to make a Russell style hat for C's Sleep Sheep and she whipped out the absolutely perfect stocking cap in no time at all. C immediately recognized my attempt at recreating his favorite character and has been carrying him around since.

If you're looking for custom knits, I highly recommend my friend Calea's shop - Zellashop. You can find her on Etsy or Facebook! Don't worry, in addition to hats for little sheep, she makes beautiful hats for babies/children and gorgeous photography props as well. Plus, she's super cool to work with, which is always a bonus. :-)

Well, off to read some Russell the Sheep with C and his very own Russell!

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