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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Birthday Party Time!

Though I still have a few more days with my 1 year old little man, today we celebrated C's 2nd birthday! It was a wonderful afternoon of family, friends, and several absolutely hysterical little kids.

 What is a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party without a Mousekadoer and Toodles?

 We took C's birthday shirt off so it wouldn't get dirty and apparently started a trend! 
Delicious cake with less laundry. Win, win situation!

 We borrowed a popcorn machine and it was a huge hit with the little guys.

He received such wonderful and thoughtful gifts from everyone! Despite being absolutely wiped out, it was tough to get him to bed because he wouldn't put them down.

Chillin' after a long afternoon. 

Two birthday parties in the books. I'm holding back my Momma tears until Wednesday when he's officially two, but in the meantime, I still can't believe how big and smart he has gotten. Slow down, little man.


  1. How did you make y our mouskedoer?

    1. I borrowed a projector from work and cut it out from huge pieces of colored oak tag. Honestly, I probably could have free handed it making a bunch of circles though. The gears were printed off and traced onto construction paper.