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Friday, October 26, 2012

Oh yeah, the nursery...

Thank goodness for Pinterest. I have such decorating ADD that I would never be able to put together a coherent project without it. Though we have a few more weeks before we find out #2's big secret, I've been kicking around some ideas for nursery themes because, well, its freaking fun!

I feel slightly awful about it, but if we have a boy we are probably going to reuse most of C's nursery decor, but only because I love the theme so much. This time around, we'll paint, put up some new curtains, and maybe do some new artwork, but it'll basically be the same idea as before. Is that lazy? Eh, I'm leaning towards economical. I can't, however, decide what color to paint the walls. I love rich colors, but the room is on the small side with florescent lighting. Bleh. Blue maybe? Or green? Suggestions very welcome.

For a girl, I've started a Pinterest board to collect ideas for a theme that J came up with. He's not up on all of the latest styles and baby trends, so I know this came straight from his creativity: pink and green with birds and trees. Simple, but pretty. I absolutely love it.

I would love to paint a mural just like this tree, but if I can't, no big - contact paper is a great stand in when you can't do anything permanent. The bird houses and simple colors would brighten up the room so beautifully and compliment our walnut colored furniture.

So there you have it. Our nursery ideas in the works. Now to just find out which direction we're going in! November 5th can't get here soon enough!!

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  1. How exciting! I can't wait to find out what you're having either!

  2. What an exciting time! I love the bird houses and the trees. All with the same colors.

    1. I was shocked at how developed the idea Jeff had was for a girl's nursery. He sure outdid himself this time! Now, will I get to use it? Hmmm..... lol