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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Two Peas Week Two - ISO & Shutter Speed

This week's lesson from Two Peas in a Bucket is about ISO and shutter speed. I haven't spent much time shooting in Tv (shutter priority mode) since Av (aperture priority mode) was so easy to understand. Turns out, playing with shutter speed is fun! For this week's homework, I had to capture water with various ISOs (film speed) and shutter speeds.

f/5.6    1/80    ISO 1600
A fairly standard exposure like you'd use taking an everyday shot indoors.

 f/1.8    1/1250    ISO 1600
A much faster speed to freeze the water as it bubbles and spills.

 f/14    1"    ISO 100
A much slower shutter speed (a full second) creates a smooth, blurred water look.

  f/1.8    1/1250    ISO 1600
A better example of "frozen" water spilling.

This week's lesson had a lot of good information about taking photos both inside and outdoors and how adjusting the film and shutter speed can help get well lit, clear shots. Hopefully, knowing more about shutter and film speed will help me get better indoor shots of my wiggly toddler!

Check back for next week's lesson on lighting, which is good is hard.

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