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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sudden Onset Vegetarianism

What gives? C has gone from being a garbage disposal to being picky?!

Nooooooooooo!! ::runs away::

Since starting solid foods well over a year ago, there wasn't a thing C didn't love. Even spicy or super sour foods went right down the hatch. In the last two weeks, however, he's apparently been busy rebooting his pallet. He still devours fruits and veggies (and probably too many snacks), but has taken to spitting out anything meat related. Are we sure this is my kid?

On Sunday, we had a nice dinner on the patio and made steak, mac and cheese, and a side of peas and carrots. In a cunning attempt to trick him, we mixed up everything on his plate. Genius, right? He first picked out every single pea, then the carrots went, then the mac and cheese....leaving the steak behind. Any steak that accidentally got in his mouth was immediately spit out and thrown on the floor.

That is a crime against good steak that should never be committed. Ever.

It must be a texture thing because no matter what we put on it or how we serve it, nothing works. Even last night, we uncased Italian sausage and crumbled it into pasta sauce. The pieces were so small we thought for sure he'd miss them. Nope. Picked them all out, then ate his spaghetti.

We're at a loss. I figure we'll keep offering it when its on the menu in hopes he'll snap out of it, but we're concerned about his protein intake. He can't eat PB&J for ever meal, to his dismay.

He becomes more toddler and less baby every day. Stop it, kid. You're scaring me.

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