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Friday, June 24, 2011

Momma & Charlie Hang Out Marathon

Thus begins the Momma and Charlie Hang Out Marathon (here on referred to as MaCHOM)! For the next week, Jeff will be volunteering at camp, leaving me and the short man to bachelor(ette) it up. Can one really bach it up with a baby? We shall see. Originally, Charlie and I were supposed to come along, but after the disaster that was counselor-in-training weekend, I opted to stay home.

(Quick back story - the temp was in the 90's with close to 100% humidity all weekend and we were in a non air conditioned cabin. Charlie, and in turn I, hardly slept and he was miserable all weekend. The End.)

I'm ready for the week. I've got my to do list ready, the Keurig is on stand by, the fridge is stocked with meals I can make one handed, and the Bumbo seat is in my bathroom (hey, a Momma's got to pee). Hopefully, I'll be able to seriously clean the apartment, start/finish Charlie's baby book, finish a bunch of sewing projects I have half done, give some lovin' to my poor attention starved cat, and of course, spend some QT with my little man.

On tomorrow's list? Well, tomorrow is going to depend on how tonight goes. Charlie has been in bed since 8pm, but at 2am we need to drive Jeff to the bus stop so he can take the MegaBus to DC. Yeah, that's the catch. If I want the car for the week, Jeff needs to take the bus and I need to drop his butt off when it leaves. The MegaBus leaves this area twice a day - 2am and 2pm.

Please pray for my sleep deprived soul that Charlie sleeps through me putting him in his car seat, driving 20 minutes, dropping Jeff off, driving 20 minutes back, and putting him back in his crib. If not, well, at least the Keurig is fired up and ready to go.


  1. I will definately pray for you, and I definately need to invest in one of those bad boys (Keurig)!

  2. He did pretty well! He woke up on his own around 1:45am, so I fed him and put him in his car seat so we could go. When we got back he went right back to bed! Woo!

    And Keurig is my BFF. :-P