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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Well, There Goes That Idea

Charlie loves formula. Tonight was night #2 that I gave him a supplement after breastfeeding to top him off before bed. The second he laid eyes on that bottle he was kicking, flailing, and grabbing for it. Not only did he suck it down in about five minutes, but he held the bottle himself the entire time. You'd think there was candy coming out of that bottle, not Similac.

This is me and my boobs trying not to feel inadequate.

The confusing part? If you don't know, formula smells like crap and I can't imagine it tastes much better. Originally, it was my plan to keep on pumping what I could at work and filling in the gaps with the milk in my freezer stash and formula. If he likes formula this much, however, I may be less inclined to obsess over this. Only time will tell. In the meantime, I now have the job of keeping my supply up when he prefers a bottle of smelly stuff. Rock on.


  1. I'm horrible with taking pills as it is. I can't imagine having to take several pills three times a day. :-/ I eat oatmeal everyday and drink a ton of water though. It helps, just not enough. He's just not nursing as much now that he's eating two meals a day. The demand just isn't there.

  2. I had to supplement about a month in to going back to work. It was hard at first, especially dealing with a permanent dip in my supply.

    At just past seven months Leila became totally formula fed. Bottle washing sucks but man oh man does she love the stinky stuff!

  3. Awww don't feel inadequate! Just look at Charlie - he LOVES it! If it makes him happy you shouldn't feel bad (I know it's easier said than done)


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