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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Spring Cleaning Saturday: Toys!

Or is it technically summer cleaning Saturday? Either way, its cleaning day! Today's task was cleaning all of Charlie's toys. Aside from spot cleaning and wiping, I try to give his most used toys a good thorough cleaning every few weeks to keep them fresh. After a few days of chewing, the Captain gets down right gross - especially those tenticals. ::shudder::

What's funny is that most baby toys are made to take a beating and be dunked in bleach water. The rest? Surface wash only. Yeah, because that's going to get out the spitpukefoodgrime that gets on them everyday. Chances are you can wash these apparently sensitive toys in the washer on gentle and they come out just fine! Especially if you have a front loader since they won't be fully submerged. Skip the dryer though, especially for crinkle toys as the heat can ruin them.

This morning, all of the toys, burp cloths, and blankies got gathered up, divided into a dunk pile and a wash pile, and cleaned. Anything hard plastic (links, balls, stacking cups, etc.) gets put in a tub of hot water with 1/4 cup bleach for a bit and then rinsed very well. The soft toys get thrown in the washer with a blanket or two to soften the noise they make as they bang against the wash drum, then hung dry.

Ta da! Clean toys! For the moment anyway.

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