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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Caught You!

Ever since we set up the crib a few months ago, we have kept an eye on the cat to see if she could get in there. We never found any of her long gray hair on the light green sheets, so we knew she couldn't. She's not a very good jumper (it took her until she was 3 for her to be able to jump up on the counters), so we weren't very worried.

Well, guess what...

Sneaky, sneaky. Look at that guilty face. We caught her snoozing in the comfy crib twice already today and can't figure out how the heck she's getting in there. We'll have to spy on her to figure out how she's doing it because (must to Devin's disappointment) we don't want to have to put one of these things on the crib...

The best I can figure, she'll avoid that room at all costs once there is a screaming, flailing, smelly little person in there. Hopefully, baby cage won't be necessary.

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