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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Christmas Outfit

One of the many fun parts about having a December baby is picking out a teeny tiny Christmas outfit for them. One of the bad parts of not knowing the sex of your impending child, however, is not knowing what the heck to buy/make! I've been looking at sewing patters for the past few weeks to find a pattern in which I liked both the girl outfit and the boy outfit, but wasn't having much luck. Truthfully, most of the girl outfits were adorable, but the boy outfits were slightly heinous. Well, I finally found one!! Oh, Simplicity - you've done me right once again.

So freaking cute! In this pattern, I almost like the boy's outfit better than the girl's! Look at that tiny little vest! Love it. Anyway, now to just get over to Joann Fabrics during their $1.00 pattern sale and pick it up. Then comes the tricky part. Will I be able to make a Christmas outfit for a newborn while taking care of said newborn all before Christmas comes?! Only time (and my sanity) will tell.

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