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Friday, October 1, 2010

30 Weeks Down, 10 to Go!

Last night I realized that I hadn't taken any "bump" pictures as of late and I wondered how much bigger I really could have gotten. Well, you be the judge.


The picture on the left is at 24 weeks and the one on the right is from yesterday at 30 weeks, 1 day.

I'll give you a hint. Yes, my shirt is now too short to fully cover my bump. Haha And if you're curious (because I was), at my belly button my circumference is 43". Yes, at this point, I feel large enough to consider it a circumference. Ask me in another few weeks - I may just call it an equator.

Aside from a little bit of heartburn and a few sleepless nights, things have been going really well and my doctor is pleased with the baby's growth and my blood pressure/weight. Woo hoo! The little one has been kicking up a storm - to the point where you can clearly see him/her bumping around in there. No creepy footprints protruding from my skin just yet, but when I'm sitting in a meeting or standing in line at the store people kind of stare at my dancing bump. I don't care - I love feeling him/her move!

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