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Friday, December 19, 2014

Top 5 Stocking Stuffers for Runners

**This week's Fitness Friday is sponsored by FlipBelt. This review was a match made in running heaven; I love FlipBelt, they love sponsoring bloggers, thus we bring you this gift countdown! This post also contains external and affiliate links.**

It's getting to Christmas crunch time and if you're anything like me, stocking stuffers always end up last. Let me help you out with the runner in your life! Here is my top 5 favorite inexpensive, stocking sized products that I think every runner should own.

5. Feetures Socks

These are by far my favorite socks for running. Feetures are lightweight, comfortable, prevent annoying rubbing and blisters, keep your feet dry, and the Merino wool ones are incredibly warm. There are a several cuts, cushioning levels, colors, and styles to match your needs, but all provide incredible support and comfort - even on long runs. I buy mine at my local running store (woo-hoo B3G1 sales!), but you can also find them on Amazon or through the Feetures website.

4. Sweatbands

I know what you're thinking - welcome back to the 80's. I'm serious though! Both Jeff and I swear by our sweatbands. When you're running, mostly in the warmer weather, and you have nothing to wipe your face on it's incredibly annoying. The simple, yet brilliant, sweatband is the answer. We have Adidas brand, but almost any will do the trick. Mine are pink - shocker, right? Get your 80's on.

If you're looking for something a little more stylish, the Handana has been on my own wish list this year. Worn wrapped around your hand, the high performance material absorbs sweat and dries quickly. Since it's antimicrobial it won't get funky, which is always a plus!

3. RoadID

I've written about RoadID before and still agree that it's a running must have. These super customizable wrist bands have up to 6 lines of writing to inform others how to help you in an emergency. Information like your name, birthdate, emergency contact information, blood type, allergies or medical conditions can be invaluable when seconds count. I know a few people who have had to rely on their RoadID to speak for them when they couldn't and they are endlessly thankful they had it on when it mattered most.

Don't know what to put on a gift ID? Get a gift card and let them design it!

2. YurBuds headphones

I'm 99% sure these are the most comfortable headphones on the planet. Seriously. Made of medical grade silicone, YurBuds are molded in a way that they lock into your ear and don't fall out, even when running or doing other high impact movements. They're sweat and germ resistant so they don't get funky and the package comes with two insert sizes so they're almost guaranteed to fit. I've worn these for a few half marathons and forget that I'm even wearing them. Plus, and this is important, they come in a rainbow of awesome colors.

1. FlipBelt

This is one of my new favorites (and no, not just because they gave me one to try out). I've worn my fair share of running belts, but this one is amazing! The FlipBelt is a circular tube of stretchy, comfortable fabric with a continuous pocket that runs around the whole thing. With four openings, you can easily insert and remove the things you need to carry. Need easy access to everything? Wear it with the openings on the outside. Don't worry, your stuff will stay in! Need to lock it away for safe keeping while you barrel through miles 11 through 13? Flip the belt so the openings are against your body. Your stuff is going nowhere!

I find this belt to be incredibly comfortable, even full of stuff. Since it hugs your body like the waist band of a good pair of yoga pants, it doesn't bounce. The belt is sized, so if its a gift, make sure you order the right one! I wear a size 8 pants and ordered a medium.

Would you like a coupon code for 33% off a FlipBelt? Send me an email and I'll send one* your way! Miss out on the 33% code? No worries - all readers get 10% off their entire order with coupon code Sweat10 at check out! Thanks FlipBelt!

(*One per person, to the first 15 people who contact me)

Have fun stuffing your runner's stocking!

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