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Saturday, November 8, 2014

VTech Learning Toys Review & Giveaway!

**This post is sponsored by VTech. We received these fun toys to play with and try out at no cost to us. Even though the toys were free, all opinions are my own and I don't write about products that we don't love and wouldn't use ourself. Enjoy!**

My little review team and I had so much fun reviewing the VTech Go! Go! Smart Animals Forest play set that we're back for more VTech fun. Just in time for holiday wish list season, VTech sent us an incredible set of four learning toys; The Chomp and Count Dino, Sit-to-Stand Smart Cruiser, Smart Shots Sports Center, and the Grow-Along Music Center. 

When the box arrived, the kids knew there had to be something good inside and it took quite a bit of bribing just to get a picture before we tore into the boxes!

Chomp and Count Dino

Assembly: None
Batteries: 2 AA
Age Range: 12-36 months

The Chomp and Count Dino is a classic pull along toy with a twist. Press the red button on the dino's head and he'll tell you that's he's hungry and it's time to eat! There are eight colored coins, each with a food on it. The dinosaur can actually distinguish between the coins, which reinforces color and food recognition. In addition to the coins, there are six bright buttons to press and a wheel to spin for songs and activities.

Though the recommended age range is 12-36 month, Charlie still enjoys the food/color recognition games at 4 years old. Ginny is right in the middle of the age range and is all about it. She jabbers on to the dino as he sings and asks for certain coins.

Things we love about the Chomp and Count Dino...
  • Recognizes coins by food and color for recognition reinforcement
  • Pull along string
  • Multiple settings for different modes of play
  • Over 100 songs to sing along
  • Bright, chunky pieces for little hands
  • All pieces store inside the dino for easy clean up
  • Helps develop fine motor skills
You can purchase the Chomp and Count Dino on the VTech website and Amazon

Sit-to-Stand Smart Cruiser

Assembly: It takes about 15 minutes and requires a screwdriver
Weight Limit: 42 pounds
Batteries: 2 AA
Age Range: 6 - 36 months

We've had our fair share of ride on toys come and go, but the Sit-to-Stand Smart Cruiser is my favorite by far. It's a compact little cruiser that has the classic features of a sitting scooter, with the learning technology that VTech is known for. The wheel has a steering action, a shifter, left and right signals, and of course a horn. With three play modes for alphabet, music, and animals, there are a lot of activities, lights, and sounds to learn and entertain.

I'm proud to say that Ginny has mastered the forward scoot after many, many (many) frustrated backwards attempts to go forward. The best part is that she yells "scoot, scoot, scoot!" while she does it.

 Things we love about the Sit-to-Stand Smart Cruiser...
  • Removable steering wheel activity for on the go or younger, sitting babies
  • Lots of interactive buttons, levers, and lights
  • Dozens of songs to sing along
  • Multiple modes of play
  • Easy to get on and off for little legs
  • Compartment under the seat for hiding Mommy's keys (wait...what?)
  • Bright, friendly, gender neutral colors
You can purchase the Sit-to-Stand Smart Cruiser from the VTech website or Amazon

Um, pardon me, you're in the way of my scooting...

Smart Shots Sports Center

Assembly: It takes about 15 minutes and requires a screwdriver
Batteries: 3 AA
Age Range: 12 - 36 months

No ball in the house! Alight, can play ball in the house. The Smart Shots Sports Center may be Ginny's favorite VTech toy at the moment. The songs and sounds cheering her on as she kicks, dunks, and scores points get belly laughs every single time. While it takes up a little more room than some of our other toys, the kids can play with it together and it has genuinely encouraged and taught Ginny how to throw overhand and kick a ball forward.

Things we love about the Smart Shots Sports Center...
  • Sensors recognize when you score a goal and count accordingly
  • Gender neutral - girls can be sports stars too!
  • Storage for balls on the legs of the 
  • Auto turn off and volume control
  • Fun actions, sounds, and light up score board
  • Encourages gross and fine motor skill development
You can purchase the Smart Shots Sports Center from the VTech website or Amazon

Grow-Along Music Center

Assembly: It took about 5 minutes and required a screwdriver
Batteries: 3 AA
Age Range: 12 - 36 months

Music is huge in our house and no flat surface or hollow tube is safe from becoming a drum of or a flute. The Grow-Along Music Center fits right in amongst the parade of instruments. With an adjustable stand and the ability to be taken off and carried with it's handle, this is a versatile toy in both use and age range.

Is it a microphone or a telescope?
Things we love about the Grow-Along Music Center...
  • Height adjustable
  • Top comes off for on the go or sitting babies
  • Microphone really works!
  • Lots of sounds and songs
  • Flashing lights and instrument buttons

We really enjoy VTech toys; the quality and intentional development that goes into each design is obvious. As a parent of a past Early Intervention kid, I really appreciate that the each toy has the developmental benefits and goals listed right on the box. This let's parents and care givers know how the child can grow and develop by way of this toy. From letters and numbers to fine motor and social skills, it makes shopping for specific needs much easier.

And it may sound minor, but this seriously impressed me. Have you ever seen screws packaged like this? Now I know how many screws to expect and will KNOW there aren't any floating around as toddler choking hazards. Brilliant, VTech. Brilliant.

Here are the other overall things we love about VTech products...
  • Easy to put together with clear instructions
  • Few, if any, stickers to apply
  • Volume controls and on/off buttons (or auto off functions) to save batteries
  • Take up little room and have multiple uses
  • Multiple play modes on each toy (letters, shapes, foods, counting, etc.)
  • Most toys come with batteries.
  • The manuals include a song list and lyrics so you can sing along!

Would you like to win ALL FOUR of these toys? (See what I did there?) Well you can by entering below! VTech was gracious enough to promise a prize pack, containing all four of the toys reviewed here, to one lucky All Four Love reader.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't forget to check out VTech's social media outlets for product info and more fun stuff. Thank you VTech for sponsoring this fun review!

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