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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Stocking Stuffer Sunday: SmartGames IQ Twist

**This post is sponsored by SmartGames. I received a sample product, at no cost, for the purpose of this review. Have no fear! All opinions are genuine and I only write about products my family uses and loves.**

I don't know what it is about stocking stuffers, but I have the hardest time finding things that aren't just random, meaningless filler (or candy, which we are still eating from Halloween...) My goal this year is to find cool items for stocking stuffers that go beyond the norm and actually serve as gifts you'll be happy to stuff those stockings with.

First on the list is my new favorite travel game - IQ Twist by SmartGames. Growing up, my sister and I absolutely loved puzzle games. She was much, much better at them than I was, but regardless, we would sit for hours working on them. When SmartGames sent me IQ Twist to try, no lie, my sister stole it and it was missing for like 3 weeks. When I finally got it back, I tried it for myself and is this thing hard! Not hard like NY Times Crossword hard, but like fun, addicting, keep my brain busy hard. No batteries, no screen - just a good old fashion logic puzzle....with a twist.

Here's the scoop. In this innocent looking travel case is a challenge book, 7 colored pegs, and 8 colored twisty pieces. They look all cute and colorful, until you need to reconfigure them back into the case in particular order!

The challenges range; Starter, Junior, Expert, Master, and Wizard. While I am still somewhere in the expert range, my sister has conquered all of them (and reminds me of this regularly). This is an example of the 1st puzzle in the "Starter" category. Line up your pegs and pieces as the diagram shows, then give it your best shot.

All of the twists fit back on the board, but only the matching colored twists can go over a colored peg. No yellow twist on a red peg! I promise, all of them have solutions....and for you cheaters out there, those solutions are in the back of the book.

Voila! This is what level one looks like completed. Now that you have the answer, you'll just have to try out the other 119 puzzles for yourself!

Small enough to throw in your purse or diaper bag this little game is perfect for travel, waiting rooms, or when your kids fall asleep in the car and you'd rather sit in the driveway for an hour than wake them up. Don't lie, you've done it too.

Now that I have it back, it's been living in my purse. It came in handy this weekend as we drove to and from the race. Jeff played with it on the way there and I played with it on the way back. Good thing we're not the competitive types or else that could have gotten ugly...... ;-)

Know someone who would love IQ Twist? Available from Amazon and the SmartGames website, you can stuff their stocking with this torturously addicting puzzle game for about $10.

SmartGames has much more than just IQ Twist. Check out their social media outlets and website for loads of information and amazing toys and gifts for children and adults.

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