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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I Don't Want a Pinterest Craft Room

They say that if you have a pile of unfinished projects, you're a crafter. Or sewer. Or scrapbooker. Or knitter. The list goes on an on. The problem is when you live in an apartment with three other people and try to dabble in a little bit of everything. I'm fortunate to have a little corner for all of my crafty stuff, but I'm at the point where two things are happening; 1) There is so much stuff that I can't find anything 2) There is no room to work on things when I have time. I try my hardest to keep things organized and pretty, but the truth is that I just have too many projects on the list and not enough time.

My Aunt gave me excellent advice - pare down to one hobby you know you love and just do it.

It's true. I haven't touched yarn work (knitting or crocheting) in years. Why the heck do I still have supplies? I don't ever make greeting cards and while I do scrapbook for the kids, there is a bunch of stuff I could get rid of in that department too. And who needs this many glue sticks?!

Sewing. I love sewing and I miss it so very much. I have a piles of fabric, patterns, and good intentions. I could sew for a year straight and never run out of ideas. BUT my craft table is covered in other projects, ideas, and to be honest, junk. Time to destash, for real this time. I'm going to keep some of the general crafting things (paint, ribbon, glue, etc.), but the other hobbies sneaking into the craft area are getting out. Like this unnecessary pile of stickers. I know a few teachers who would make use of these.

The other part of this issue is function. When I set up the space, I was so focused on making it pretty, I missed the point. Hanging mason jars full of buttons and pins? A bouquet of crochet hooks in a little vase? A pile of strategically ordered books with a tchotchke on top?


Seriously, how the heck am I supposed to use the open space if there isn't any? It looks nice in pictures, but it was not useful at all. I ditched all of the mason jars and weird "organization" tactics and went for straight function. Labeled photo boxes, plastic storage tubs, and shelves. It's not pretty, but I know where everything is and I have an open space to work on. What's better than that? Pinterest is pretty, but not always functional - especially in such a small space.

Unfortunately, after 4 hours of organizing and cleaning, there isn't an "after" picture just yet. I don't know if there will ever be. It's not that it will never be clean and ready, it will be, but I don't know how much it will be to look at. I think that's the point though. I want/need a space where I can have a hobby, not a place to display all the craft supplies I'm not using. Hopefully, you'll be seeing a whole lot more tutorials like the good old days. I've got plenty of ideas, now it's time to do them.

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