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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Birthday Prep for the Big F-O-U-R

I can't even believe I'm writing this post. Charlie is going to be four in just over a month. FOUR! Every year that goes by, time flies faster and faster. I keep hoping it'll get easier to watch them get older, but it doesn't. So instead, I drown my sorrows in over the top Pinterest inspired party planning!

Now, I completely understand that I don't have to do a party with a fancy theme. Truth is, I really enjoy doing it! I think party planning is a ton of fun and gives me an opportunity to do something crafty.

Charlie's first birthday was Very Hungry Caterpillar, his second was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, his third we went to Disney World, and this year will be his first "friends from school" party. I asked him what he wanted to do with his friends at his birthday party, to which he answered, "I want to paint!" Honestly, I was shocked I got an answer at all, so I'm going to run with it. An art party it is.

Luckily, there is a ton of cool stuff on Pinterest about preschoolers and art from projects to decorations. I'M SO EXCITED!

So far, I've been focusing on activities and gathering up supplies. I scored $.25 Crayola crayons and paints at the back to school clearance sections in Target and WalMart. They'll be great for favors, decorations, and activities. I am on the hunt for paint trays (though we may just recycle egg cartons), brushes, markers, and something for the kids to paint. I'm torn between some kind of little wooden car or figure or their first initial (about $2 a piece at Michaels). Some other things I'd like to put together are...

  • A scribbling wall
  • Smocks with their names on them as favors
  • Decorate your own cupcake (instead of cake)

I love this idea for decorations, so I'll also need to find some empty, blank paint cans. I'm not sure where to get those just yet, but I'll figure it out.

Lots to do and time is ticking away. First on the list is going to be invitations to send to his friends at school.

Ten 4 year olds with paint....what could possibly go wrong?

Follow along with my birthday Pinterest board as I pin the heck out of this party.

Follow Jen (All Four Love)'s board Charlie's Birthday on Pinterest.

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