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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sick Momma

The only thing worse than taking care of sick kids is taking care kids....sick. I spent all of last night up trying my hardest not to swallow, or else feel like I was being stabbed in the neck. It's....strep. What an awful feeling. Aside from the rouge pregnancy cold, it's been ages since I've been sick.

Between work and the kids at daycare, however, it was bound to happen. I just hope I don't get the kids sick, especially after the great strepademic ripped through daycare a few weeks ago. I think something like 40% of the kids ended up with it at least once? It was wild. Let's not start that again.

So, here I am - laid up on the couch with some antibiotics and probiotics so the antibiotics don't wreck my stomach, trying to entertain the kids who, suddenly, want to kiss and hug me. Let's just hope I'm better by Thursday for Blogger Bash! Too much networking to do to be sick!

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