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Monday, July 28, 2014

Ginny: 15 Months Old

And yet, today she is 16 months old. It's funny how I sometimes suck at updating the things that need updating! So, in celebration of a month milestone (and exactly one month late), here is Ginny's 15 month update!

Stats: 21 lbs and 29" tall. Still a bit of a shorty, but growing along her own little curve.

Clothing: 18 months with a few 24 months thrown in. She still has some tiny feet though, I think she's in size 4's?

Favorite activities: Giving Mommy and Daddy a heart attack. But really, this girl is a dare devil like Charlie never was. She is our climber! It is amazing how sure she is on her feet though - up and down stairs, climbing onto chairs (and tables!), up ladders and down slides. It blows my mind. Her favorite things right now are the slide into the kiddie pool and trying to figure out Charlie's tricycle.

Favorite toys: Lately she has really been enjoying her singing princess castle and Klip Klop stable play sets. She'll sit for quite a while and move the princesses around, making them dance and sing with the music. She also loves and wants pretty much anything Charlie is playing with at the time. She drives that poor boy nuts.

Eating: Everything. Absolutely everything. Her favorite foods are bananas and other fruit, crackers, pickles, and anything sweet.

New Tricks: This girl is CHATTY. She must have 50-60 words at this point and is beginning to pair some of them together to make tiny sentences. She says please when she wants something and has been really good about communicating when she wants something or needs something. I know I won't remember them all, but at this point she can say Mommy, Daddy, Charlie, puppy, kitty, banana, milk, more, please, night night, all done, get out (of her room or high chair), ball, baby, read, book, bye bye, hi, tickle, poo poo (she tells us when she does it!), yes, no, up, down, belly, head, nose, eyes, ears, shoes, love you....and I can't even remember the rest!

She can point out and name several body parts, take off her shoes and put them away, do motions to a few songs, give the BEST hugs and kisses, and follow most directions we give her. She is one smart cookie!

Sleep: Still loving her big girl bed!

CAH Update: After firing Ginny's endocrinologist and jumping through a few other hoops, we're meeting with a new doctor August 8th. I cannot wait to meet her and get some answers for what has been happening lately! Ginny is doing much better with the salt seeking, but she's been pretty run down and asking to go to bed at 6PM. A little concerning, but hopefully it's just a growth spurt.

I can't even explain how much personality this little girl has. I love every sassy second of it. She is so energetic, yet incredibly affectionate; she gives the best hugs I've ever gotten and gives me kisses hello and good bye/good night unprompted. The sound of her little voice screaming, "Mommy!!" when she hears me come home after work is the most wonderful sound. Happy 1 1/4 birthday, my sweet girl.

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