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Monday, May 12, 2014

Toddler Sleep Torture

No, not torturing toddlers. That's just messed up. No, no being tortured BY toddlers. That's about where we are right now when it comes to sleep. Both of my kids are generally good sleepers; overall, I really shouldn't complain.....but I'm tired and I'm gonna.

The past few nights, between Ginny teething and Charlie...uh, I have absolutely no idea, its been rough getting some sleep. Last night was the worst yet - between the two of them, I think we were up from around 2AM until near 5AM, all after going to bed around 11PM. ::yawn::

First, Charlie woke up screaming for me, then Ginny woke up wailing. We got them both back down, but not long after, they were both up again crying. Charlie had no idea why he was up and was making every excuse in the world. Ginny just cried and kept pointing to our room, wanting to get in bed with us. Nuh uh girl - that is invite only, not nightly!

Diaper? Potty? Drink? TELL US. I feel like we needed one of these...

Thank you once again, Honest Toddler, for totally nailing it.

Eventually, Charlie went back to sleep, but Ginny was her persistent self and hung in there until almost 5AM. Another dose of Advil and giving in and giving her a bottle and she was out like a light.  ::sigh:: At least we gave in with the bottle and not putting her in our bed. I don't have a problem co-sleeping if they're sick or something is going on, but not at times like this. That's when habits form and she is NOT a calm sleeper. When she's in bed with us, someone's getting punched in the face by tiny fists.

Fast forward to tonight. We just finished dinner and now have two self destructing toddlers who have refused dinner and have spent the evening crying and picking on each other (and the poor dog).

Tonight, I vote early bed time...for everyone.

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