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Friday, April 4, 2014

Fitness Friday: Blaaaahhhhhh

Every Friday, I remember about this post theme. I wish I could write more about how much I'm running and what we're doing to stay healthy, but lately - I really can't. Between the still wet/yucky weather and lack of time, I've been doing a lot less working out and a lot more telling myself that I should be working out. I don't know if it truly is the lack of time or if its a lack of value placed on working out to make it worth what little time we have, but either way, its not happening.

Jeff and I have been trying to get started doing T25 for at least 6 weeks now. The darn videos are only 25 minutes long! By the time we get home (between 5pm and 6pm, depending on the day), make dinner, get both kids cleaned up and in bed, get stuff ready for the next day, clean up the kitchen, etc....its close to 9pm. ::yawn:: Goodness forbid we need to go grocery shopping or run an errand - it kills the evening completely. With two littles and a small living room, its almost impossible to work out in front of the TV with them running around. It makes for a lot of pausing, running to get a mischievous child, resuming the video, pausing, running to get a mischievous child, resuming the video...repeat.

Why not get up early, you say? Jeff gets up at 5:30am to shower before Charlie gets up at 6am. I get up at 6:15am and Ginny gets up around 6:30am. We get the kids fed, dressed, and ready to go. He's off to work at 7am and I'm out the door with the kids at 7:30am. When are we supposed to fit in a work out without getting up at 5am (and waking up the kids early in the process)?

I don't know the answer to this. I know its part motivation, but its also heavily impacted by time. Jeff will go out for a run sometimes after the kids are in bed, but we can't both go and I don't feel safe running around town at night alone. I could take the dog, but she's still a hot mess running on the leash.

I know this sounds like a lot of excuses. I DO want to get into the habit of doing something, but everything else ends up taking priority until I am completely exhausted at the end of the day. 

When do you find time to work out? What do you do? How do you fit it in the day?

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  1. Start with small goals. One night a week dedicate the evening, after the kids go to bed to T25. Another night, if you have a show you watch, stretch on the ground/plank/crunch during commercials. Then dedicate one weekend day to go for a run with the kids and stop somewhere for lunch or a snack. Now you have done something active 3 days that week without giving anything up. It may not be as many days as you would like but it's better than 0, right? :) You can also take 5 minutes a few times a day in your office and do a minute plank, a few crunches or even some squats. Every little bit makes a difference!