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Thursday, April 24, 2014

THANK YOU! I found clothes!

I posted on Monday about how hard its been to find clothes that I like, that fit, and that are in my budget. Well, THANK YOU for your suggestions! I have actually found clothing that I love!

The overwhelming response said to check out Old Navy, which surprised me to be honest. I haven't shopped at Old Navy routinely since I was in high school beyond stopping in here or there in recent years for $2.50 flip flops. Gotta love the $2.50 flip flops. 

Our Old Navy here is about 30 minutes away, so I headed there after work to check it out. They were having a big clearance sale with additional savings on top of those prices. There was also a huge selection of adorable summer dresses and I LOVE dresses. I'd wear them 24/7 if I could! One thing I appreciated was that the dresses were in a variety of fabrics and cuts. The trend lately seems to be this awkward jersey knit style that clings to every little bump and curve.....and bumps and curves I've got a'plenty so I avoid those styles. 

I found this one dress that I loved so much and was so comfortable, I bought it in two prints with coordinating cropped cardigans. Its soft cotton, lined, and doesn't cling in awkward places. Its not too flowy as to make you look bigger, but just enough to not cling. Plus, ladies who have a larger chest can attest -- when you find a pretty strapless dress that stays up and doesn't show an ton of cleavage, you buy it. Period. End of story. 

In addition to the two dresses and two cardigans, I also found 9 shirts and a skirt -- all for $120. You can't beat that.

The other clothing resource I found is a little different. I love nice, quality clothes, but hate the price they often carry. I shop the outlets and factory stores, but its still tough to find steals. Enter Twice. Twice is an online consignment store for higher end clothing brands at incredible prices. 

When I signed up, I got a $10 credit to the shop. Then, when I downloaded their app, I got another $10 credit! I was able to use the $20 right away and got two nice casual shirts for a total of $4. Between the sale and the credits, I saved myself over $70 on retail prices! 

This yellow top is by Boden and retails for $46. Don't mind me, Charlie's room is the only one with a full length mirror for outfit selfies. It is also incredibly dirty. Don't judge.

It's super soft and so, so comfortable. I would have never paid $46 for it, but $10.95? I can handle $10.95. With the credits though, it was practically free. I also purchased an adorable pink lace top by Pins & Needles (Urban Outfitters) for $12.95 instead of $30. There is a flat $5 shipping charge or free shipping over $49. 

Don't like something you purchased? They have free returns.

You can also sell your clothes and purses back to Twice! They have a list of approved brands you can check out, then they'll send you a prepaid bag to send them in. Money goes onto your account and you can use it right away. I love, love, love this. 

If you'd like to try Twice, you can use my referral link below for your initial $10 credit. Don't forget to download their app for an additional $10! Happy shopping!

So the hunt for clothes isn't too terrible after all. I've got a few new dresses and tops to make it through the summer. Now, if I could only fit into my summer pants and shorts. Hmmm..... That's a whole different post/problem. 


  1. You look adorable. I'm glad you found things that work well for you!

    1. Aw, thank you! :) I still have a lot of Ginny weight to lose, but it'll happen. In the meantime its just nice to not feel like a frump at work. Oy.

  2. Those dresses look awesome! Maybe I'll have to check out the Old Navy :-) And you look great, by the way :-)

    1. Aw, shucks. Thanks! And you totally should check them out! All of their maxi dresses come in tall sizes too, so they're not an awkward length on you tall ladies out there. ;)

  3. The dress run a little large in the bust area, but that is an easy fix. This dress must be part of every woman's wardrobe it is so nice. Just perfect. I felt like a princess in it.

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