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Monday, April 21, 2014

Why is shopping so hard?!

I used to love shopping. Okay, so I still love shopping, but its so flippin' hard these days. Does anyone else out there feel like your choices are tween sized hot pants or cardigans with cats on them? Where are the clothes for the nearly 30's crowd?

I used to shop at NY & Co pretty regularly with a mix from Kohl's and Target mixed in. Well, my postpartum body isn't friends with NY & Co thanks to everything being fitted and button down. Eeek. Kohl's is alright, but I end up being an awkward size and fit in most of their brands. Target? I haven't purchased clothes at Target in ages. I truly feel like there is nothing for my age group there.

So, where do women my age shop?? Clarification - where do women my age shop within a reasonable price range?

Also, what do I even wear?! I have clothes for work....and then sweats. And even then, my clothes for work couldn't be more boring; black or grey slacks and mostly black/white/grey tops. Maybe a little color thrown in occasionally. For the spring and summer, I have several skirts and dresses, but like no tops to go with them. It is all a big hot mess.

I have a fashion board on Pinterest, but it is mostly a dedication to my love for 1950's party dresses, unconventional, yet beautiful Dior style coats, and my never ending search for a good pair of brown boots.

Follow Jen's board Fashion on Pinterest.

I really need to redo my wardrobe. I mean, start from scratch. Actually, back that up - I need to get down to my "happy weight" THEN redo my wardrobe with things I truly love.

::sigh:: I used to be so cute and tiny....

So, people of the internet - spam me with your places to shop, your wardrobe essentials, and any tips you have on how I can dress myself. Tag me on Twitter or Pinterest, email me, find me on Facebook - you know the drill.

Help me!


  1. I hear ya girlfriend! I loathe shopping at this point. I'm a big fan of old navy and gap online when they have their massive sales.They have free returns over a certain amount - so I order a ton, have it shipped to my house, pour myself a glass of wine, and try things on in my own time. Good luck

    1. That sounds amazing! Private shopping and wine party. Oooooh

  2. I'm in a wardrobe rut as well. I know a lot of people that have had good luck with Stitch Fix but I haven't done it yet myself.

    1. I've wanted to look at Stitch Fix too, but I don't know if its the budget right now. A lot of the outfits I've seen from it are awesome!