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Friday, March 28, 2014

Birthday Party Update!

Tomorrow is party day! I had all these plans to work on party stuff last week when I was off, but ended up on the couch with a sick baby. It happens. The good news is that I was able to make Ginny's party dress and knock almost everything off our to do list!

Birthday To Do List:

My absolute favorite thing about this party so far is Ginny's dress. I can't even stand how cute this ended up. I used a Simplicity pattern (#4024) to make it and it took about 3-4 hours. Originally, I was going to just make the dress and put it over a white shirt, but after reading the pattern realized that it was all one piece. Boy, am I glad I made the whole dress - those little puff sleeves kill me! They might be my favorite part. The socks were found at consignment for $1 and couldn't be more perfect for Miss "I Don't Like to Wear Shoes."

Here comes the Mommy guilt. For Charlie's 1st birthday party, my sister and I made a gorgeous cake that took us hours and hours. I am so proud of it to this day. Ginny is getting..........::winces:: cupcakes. I feel SO bad! I know, I know. She's 1 and won't realize it, but I will! There just isn't time to get it all done this time around. My sister and I will try to Pinterest them up with some fondant decorations, so hopefully they turn out alright. 

I'm pumped to get everything decorated tomorrow morning. Check back for pictures of the Ginny's big day! 

1 comment:

  1. No Mommy guilt over the cupcakes. That is a waste of energy. Instead, realize how much extra you put into the dress and other parts of the party. Ben's first birthday was over a month late (due to illness) and we had a cake and a few store bought sesame street plates & napkins. You go above and beyond all the time for your kids. Just relax and celebrate this milestone with your beautiful daughter & family! :)