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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ginny's Wizard of Oz Birthday Party!

Hooray! Ginny's 1st birthday party was an absolute blast! Despite feeling very, very behind the week prior, everything came together thanks to some help from my amazing family. Don't mind the ugly brick - the space we used didn't have prettiest walls, but it worked too well to care!

Inexpensive baskets from Michael's ($2.99) and these cute tins from IKEA ($.99) made for perfect decorations to go with the theme. I picked up paper goods from WalMart and the dollar store; they coordinated perfectly without being an overwhelming pattern.

The space we used was the perfect size for kids to run around. We put the kids' slide, tunnel, tent, ball pit, and a few ride on toys out there and the little ones had a blast. No need to go to a designated party place at this age - they're perfectly happy with a room full of activities!

My quickly deconstructing fruit rainbow. I wish I'd taken a picture of the entire table put together, but I completely forgot in the whirlwind of setting up and everyone dug right in! I guess it all looked just that yummy. ;-) We served a fruit rainbow, a veggie rainbow, buffalo chicken dip, and a soft pretzel platter from Philly Pretzel Factory.

My sister is a crazy cupcake connoisseur (just check out her Instagram if you don't believe me!) and helped me make the cutest Wiz themed cupcakes and smash cake. She also found these cute foam stand up displays at her grocery store for a buck. A BUCK! Thanks for putting together the 9,000 tiny foam pieces, Chris!

Back when we did Charlie's 1st birthday cake, my sister realized that if you paint on marshmallow fondant with the food coloring, it makes a richer color for accents. Painting in the grooves on this "brick road" pattern made it really pop!

And thanks to my good friend Mary (who also has a blog here!) taking pictures, I was able to get IN a few shots. A nice change of pace, huh?

To say she destroyed her little rainbow smash cake is an understatement. Holy moly, she really went for it! There's no denying that my kids love cake.

On a side note, Mary, you can totally come follow me around and be my personal photographer. I actually LIKE how I look in these pictures!

She received so many fun presents that she absolutely loves. Surprisingly (and thankfully), Charlie is doing a pretty good job of understanding that they're not for him. I thought that would be much more of an issue.

Sleepy Dorothy after a long day. From what I heard, most, if not all, of the kids zonked out on the ride home. Too much cake and running around will do that to you! Ginny had a wonderful day. Thank you so much to everyone who took part, whether at her party or through sending birthday wishes her way. She is a very lucky little girl to have so many people who care about her. 

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  1. I love that you were able to be in these pictures! You are so often behind the camera (and catching great pictures of the kiddos) but it means it's hard to be included. Something I'm working on myself (minus the great pictures and awesome camera part, lol).