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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Painting Party

With my sister and her family here this weekend, the house was certainly filled with little kid laughter and toys just about everywhere. Why not throw some paint in there?! Charlie and my nephew, Landon, loved playing together and especially loved painting.

I had gotten small canvases at Michael's this weekend and used acrylic paints. I've used kid paints on projects like this before and the paint just doesn't sit as well on the canvas. While acrylic paint will stain fabric, it comes off just about everything else (including children) with water or baby wipes.

I used some sticker paper and cut out a heart, then put it on the blank canvas. It didn't stick 100%, but that's alright. The boys painted over the entire canvas, then we peeled off the sticker leaving a white void for their hand prints. Intentionally painting themselves? Their favorite part, I'm sure.

After the canvases were done, the boys decorated my, ironically stark white, paint storage box - complete with more little Ginny foot prints.

Easy, relatively messy, craft for the chilly days to come. With how much Charlie liked it, I foresee many more painting days in our future!

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