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Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Craft Time

Now THIS is my favorite time of the year. The holidays are obviously fun, but the crafts associated with Christmas are awesome! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know its not even Thanksgiving yet, but when it comes to projects, I need lots of time to get things done! I've got a long list this year, but it'll get done...I think.

Thanks to Pinterest, there is a constant flow of "I can make that!" to add to my already long to do list. There are a few gifts to be made and of course Ginny's stocking. I also have my eye on a few decorations that I'd love to make, including this adorable and simple snowman wreath. There's also this absolutely AMAZING ugly Christmas sweater, but it may be a next year project.

My Holiday and Toddler Pinterest boards overfloweth with fun ideas to keep us busy over the next few weeks - especially during the winter break. I'll be doing a DIY stocking tutorial next week and a few other smaller crafts to share.

If you want to follow the holiday pinning madness, follow me!

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