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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Can you tell I went back to work?

Winter break was a lovely down time to reset my blog and get lots of posts up. Then, I went back to work and haven't slowed down since! It has been a busy few weeks of after hours meetings, a sick toddler, and facing the ever increasing 3rd trimester exhaustion.

The good news is that we're still organizing the house and making a good bit of progress. My Pinterest board is bursting with good ideas and my nesting (i.e. the urge to purge your house of junk) is in high gear. We were able to organize the two most cluttered places in the house thus far - the kitchen and the utility closet. I'm especially proud of the utility closet as it used to be a hell hole of lost things. We use the space like we would a garage, so our tools, gardening stuff, cleaning supplies, and couponing stash of extra items are in there. With the help of some dollar store baskets and a whole lot donated to Goodwill, we have EXTRA shelves. What's that about.

We have also been gathering up the last few things we need for G's arrival. Last weekend I was able to spend a few hours in her room sorting through awesome hand me downs from our friends Diana & Adam, washing bedding and blankets, and doing a little inventory on all of our bottles and my pump stuff. Apparently, breast shields make excellent musical instruments....says the 2 year old.

Thanks to some ridiculous sales at Target and Babies R Us, we were also able to get our double stroller and an AngelCare movement monitor for way cheaper than we first thought. When looking for a stroller, we had a long list of options that we were considering, but after looking at price/sales, availability, and what would grow with C and G, we went with the Graco Ready2Grow LX. Its a bit bigger than we'd originally hoped for, but its a double - what do you want? It has 12 different configurations to seat different combinations of kids from newborn to toddler. Two car seats, infant and toddler, two name it.

My favorite combination option sits C in the front and G facing me in the car seat or in the "shopping cart" seat. It'll be nice to have her close when she's little while still keeping C in the front so he can see what's going on. Most doubles have the bigger kid tucked in the back, in a "basement" seat, or exclusively on a bench seat. With this stroller, we have the option of eventually using a sit and stand option, but after C has gotten a bit bigger.

We still have a few months before actually using this, so hopefully its as awesome as we think it'll be! For now, its taking up residence in our front hall closet with the Snap and Go frame stroller, waiting for baby.

Speaking of waiting for baby....tomorrow is 32 weeks. Slow down, time!!


  1. I loooove my Angelcare Monitor, but I disabled the motion pad almost immediately because the beeping was horrible during nighttime diaper changes, etc. I liked the idea & you can short-term disable/mute it, but I always had him out of the crib too long so it drove me crazy. And the monitor sound quality alone made it well worth the $. (Of course I got it at Kohl's for like 75% off the list price so it was dirt cheap, but knowing how much I love it I would have paid full price!)

    1. I've heard so many good things about it - I'm excited. We had a horrible cheap sound monitor with Charlie and it drove us nuts. We hardly used it! The one we got was supposed to be $130, but after sales and coupons, it was about $60. Not too shabby for Target!

    2. We had a terrible cheap one for a few months. Then we found an AngelCare at Kohl's on clearance + 30% off. It was the one with 2 monitors and one motion pad. We absolutely LIVE with it on! One in our room on 24/7, one in the living room turned on as needed. The sound reduction is amazing and just picks up what we need to hear. And the temperature alarm keeps us aware in case it gets too hot or cold. I cannot stop gushing about how amazing this monitor is. I will probably be using it for Ben for many years to come to help keep tabs on him! Haha. BEST investment we had in "baby gear"!!