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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Apparently, Tedious Projects are My Thing

First came 500+ piece quilts, then that crazy rose petal lantern. What's next on the tedious craft project list? Crocheting a rug, you say? Bring it on!

I was perusing Pinterest yesterday afternoon and this beautiful doily rug caught my eye. Normally, doilies say "old lady" to me, but this was so dainty and too perfect for Ginny's nursery. I've been looking (in vain) for a simple circle rug to go in her room, but the prices have been no bueno for the budget. The picture linked me to Ravelry (not sure how I hadn't been there before) and after some math, figured out I could make it for a grand total of $11.

The pattern calls for 2,235 yards of worsted weight yarn crocheted with a triple strand and an N hook - which is freaking huge. With the huge yarn sale at JoAnn Fabric, I got 7 skeins of Red Hart (nice sturdy acrylic yarn) for $10.50 and the hook for another buck or so. Now to get the actual pattern...

The pattern is out of a random crochet book from 2009. It is $11 on Amazon, but I put in a request to have it shipped to our local library through inter-library loan. I'm crossing my fingers that they can actually get it and save me $11. I doubt I'll use any other patterns in it, so why buy the whole darn book?

Now to wait. Keeping my fingers crossed that the book becomes available and I can get this thing started. It will either be a super quick project or take for freaking ever. Only time will tell how much I regret taking it on!


  1. I really like that rug, but from watching my mom crochet millions of baby blankets, I know how long just a simple pattern can take. Good luck!

  2. Good luck! I would have never thought to get a pattern from the library!