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Monday, January 21, 2013

30 Weeks

Holy moly....30 weeks?! That's only 10 weeks left! It seems like a long time, but really, its not and that's scary. This baby is going to be here before we know it!

Baby is almost 16" and almost 3 lbs!

Weight: Ehhh....getting up there - I'm up about 13lbs. Nothing earth shattering, but as I get closer and closer to the weight I was when I delivered C, its hard not to get self conscious about it.

Sleep/Energy: Oh the heartburn!! I've entered the dreaded stage of pregnancy where I can't sleep on my back because of the baby suffocating me, but I have to sleep somewhat propped up because of the heartburn. Let's just say it involves lots of pillows and tossing and turning.

Cravings/Aversions: I could easily drink a gallon of orange juice a day. Yes, I have horrendous heartburn and I'm craving OJ. I appreciate the irony. I'll have a glass in the morning after I eat and it doesn't bother me, but if I drank it as much as I wanted would be ugly.

General Symptoms: After starting a magnesium supplement, a lot of the annoying symptoms I was having have gone away (the Braxton Hicks, leg cramps, etc.) It has been really nice!

Movement: There's no doubt there is a baby in there! She's been kicking/punching up a storm. I'm not sure how she's sitting in there, but it seems to change all the time.

Appointments: I found out at my 17P appointment last week that I passed my Glucose Tolerance Test with a score of 121. Woo! Anything under 140-ish is apparently normal, so I'm very happy to hear the results. This week starts my every other week prenatal appointments, which is exciting, but since I go every week for a shot anyway, it's not going to really feel any different.

Best Moment of the Week: C has started pointing to my belly and saying, "baby" and while I'm not sure if he totally gets what's going on, I think he's starting to. He is so sweet.

Bump picture to come! :-)


  1. Yay! So close! And I think C totally gets it.
    My favorite moment from my sister's second pregnancy was a conversation she had with her daughter (who was 2)

    Sis:"Mommy's going to the Dr for baby JJ"
    K: "OK, OK. (points to sister, then her belly) Mommy, Dr, baby JJ. (points to self then her own belly) Kaelyn, Dr, baby JJ"

    1. LOL I love it! Charlie also points to his own belly sometimes and says baby. I love conversations with 2 year olds - crack me up!