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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Potty Training?

While you're safe from pictures of my kid on the potty, if you don't want to read about poop and pee, turn away now. You've been warned.

Over the past week or so, C has started actually telling us when he poops so he can be changed. This is a huge thing since before then he'd happily sit in it until we changed him. This morning, when J went to get him out of bed, C had taken all of the wipes out of the box and was holding them out to J saying, "poop!" Good effort buddy and a big thanks for keeping that horrendously poopy diaper on your butt.

Wanting to be changed is one of the signs of readiness, but who says Mommy and Daddy are ready?!

Searching on Pinterest or Google for potty training ideas comes up with a gazillion tips, tricks, and ideas, but when he's not waking up dry and doesn't actually want to sit on the potty where do we start? He's in full time daycare, so its not like we can sit at home and put him on the potty every 15 minutes until he gets it. They'll sit him on the potty at daycare, but only on the regular potty schedule which is really for kids who are closer to potty trained, not starting out.

For now, I suppose we'll start slow. The second he wakes up in the morning/from naps and before baths, we'll put him on the potty. Let's see how it goes from there.

In a perfect world, C will be potty trained by the time he goes back to daycare full time next fall so the baby can use his set of cloth diapers. He'll be almost three at that point, so that's a totally attainable goal...if he goes for it, that is. Fingers crossed.


  1. Hi OSC! It's principessa81 from The Bump. I'm really enjoying your blog, especially the latest potty training post. We are going to give it a try with Tony pretty soon...yeah I'm nervous. :)

    1. Hey!! Thanks. Its fun...when I remember to update. ;)

      I'm trying not to let it scare me - especially since Charlie couldn't care less. We did get a little potty action before his bath tonight, but he just stared at us when we freaked out dancing around the bathroom. Haha Good luck, Momma!!